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Ariana is a broken lady and that is a fact now with the release of this song. Ariana Grande’s Thank you Next can be classified as a song that is coming from the lips of a lady who has no feelings at all based on what she has been through in life. As we all know, Ariana has dated a few guys in Hollywood but has obviously lost what it means to be in love with someone. This a pure reflection of her state of mind as a lady who does not have a capacity to love a guy. She only sees them as people who has helped her improve her personality. She made it clear that her family are the only people she really loves. Because when she eventually settles down with someone, they will still be there to be with her when she walks into marriage. However she thanks her ex-lover(s) for teaching her all through her journey of life so far. She actually reveals that she has moved on to another person which you will find out in paragraphs below.

With the kind of emotional distance which she releases in this song; she ended up making a mess of a song that should have been a tribute to her late ex-lover Mac Miller and her immediate ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. The release of this song is a mistake by Ariana Grande and her crew. Republic record label will have no issues because they are already making money from the release and all the controversy that the song brings with it but this is at the expense of Ariana Grande image. Ariana just made Pete Davidson and Mac look like some guys who strolled into her lives and went away without leaving an imprint. She said thank you next to her ex like it was her talking to Journalist or paparazzi.


She stated the song listing the guys she has had a relationship with and why she broke up with them. She stated that she and Sean never worked out because they were not a march. She says that even though she almost got married to Pete that she really does thank him for his patience. She also states that she would have loved to say thank you to Mac Miller for he was and an angel. She puts a kind of puzzle in the song when she started listing what she learnt from these three guys she mentioned. She declares that one thought me love, another thought her patience while another thought her pain.  We could factor out Mac because she already called him and Angel which means between Sean, Alvarez and Davidson, one of them thought her pain but that is story for another day. She continues the song by stating that all of those three relationship only made her better and in her words “amazing”. She tells her ex-lovers in the chorus: thank you next. This is funny because she sounds like she was talking to photographers or jumping from one bus to another like it is done in Lagos State Nigeria.

The second verse begins with same pitch and tune like verse one but with a different approach. She states that she spend most of her times with her friends and they make her worry about nothing. She declares that she has met a new person and they are having some very good discussions about a relationship. She acknowledges the fact that people thinks she moves too fast after a breakup but she claims that this one will last. However she blows the mind of everyone when she declares this person to be a “she” and not a “he”. This will obviously raise a lot of dust in the entertainment industry because what Ariana may has just revealed in her music is that she is tired of dating Men and she has officially switched to dating Ladies or making female friends only. She claims that her new friend has thought her love and patience while helping her handle pain after she has been through a lot from her ex-lovers.

She finally reveals that one day she will walk down the aisle holding the hand of her mother and thanking her father for always helping her through the funny-terrible moments she has been through all her life.


We wish we could lay our hands on the name of the producer of this song because he did a basic production job. He did not add any form of creativity. Maybe he got swallowed by the mixed energy of the song that it made him create a beat which has no spectacular pattern or instrument in it. He or she must have forgotten that beat making is a creative thing that irrespective of the song has to have elements of creativity. This song has a flat RnB beat with keys and Strings that are not spectacular in in any way. Bad beat for a low energy song is just a bad way to begin a new week; Ariana and her producer just made sure of that.


No video should be made for poor songs like this. They should be forgotten easily and quick. Making a video for it is creating bad chronicles.


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