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Many of us have been betrayed before. We have had people who are supposed to have our backs betray us. It often a total heart break when people we think are supposed to show us love unconditionally disappoint us. Daystar Peterson aka Troy Lanez has been in that situation too. He has been in a situation where family and friends have disappointed him and he decided to put it in the music titled “Who needs love?”


Troy Lanez is a Caribbean Canadian Rapper and song writer who was born to a Caribbean originated family and lost his mother early in life. He ended up living life fending for himself after his father remarried and became a missionary minister. He mixed with the good, the bad and ugly and got betrayed by those who should have loved him.

Troy uses this song to hit back at his ex-girlfriends, friends and people who did not really show love when they were supposed to have showed love to him. He talks about being down and never had love from people. He alleges now that he has made money and people have been trying to show love. He uses the question of: “who needs love?” To ask people when the person has money and everything he or she can by.
He goes after his ex-girlfriend who was always sleeping around with men. He talks about how she never thought about how he felt when she was going about those evil acts. He talks about when he had issues with law and never got love from his friends. He reiterates that who needs love when one has no issues to deal with while having loads of money. He claims he does not need text messages, call and stressing from ladies when he has money. He claims money is the only thing that makes him happy.


The rhythmic keys used for this song is total waste for a trap song like this. The song opens with a sweet RnB Rhythmic piano keys and a snare rip sound that makes it sound like a song made by Brandy or Shania Twain. What changes it from a normal RnB or soul song is the Hard kicks, trap Hi-Hats and mid tempo hiphop flow. There is also the presence of some bass drum roll with a fusion of some 808 base kicks which gives some real nice bumps.

In the background of the beat lies at least two layers of tunes. The first is the orchestral tune made with a low octave set of violins. The second is a cinematic suspense sound that is used to provide some kind of colour for the sound especially when it is transitioning from a pre-chorus the chorus. To add a fine depth to the transition cinematic keys and effects there is also an added element of base pad keys.

This beat would have been better for a singing artist than a rap artist like Troy Lonez. Or maybe he would have featured a singing artist to totally harness the quality of this beat.


A street video would do nicely for this song with a flash back illustrations of how it used to be in his life. Telling the story of the song in pictures will enhance the appreciation of the song.

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