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If you are somebody who does not like rap music but is a huge fan of soul music then listening to B.OK by Wiz khalifa is what you need. Soul music had its era in the 80s and 90s but with a producer like Khalil and a musician like Khalifa; soul music can still be enjoyed. I agree that people are not waiting for any form of voice stretching and high pitch singing which soul genre musicians like Whitney Huston was popular for but when Khalifa makes a nice soul song with rap verses in it, is lit.
Working on Khalifa’s album review I had to put the song B.Ok on replay to really enjoy it. It reminded me of those sweet old days I was being exposed to music by my cousin in early 2000s. I felt all the elements of the beat and it has some very real love story to it too. This song is for those with partners whom never appreciate what they have been doing. For those whose partners nag and complain all the time and as a result feel lonely. It is for people who must have divorced or broke up their relationship because of pressure from one spouse.


The song opens up with Cameron Jibril Thomaz (WizKhalifa) telling a story about a particular partner he had from 2009 to 2014 and how he had issues with her. He alleged that she always told him that he is not doing enough for her. They usually got into arguments when he was going or coming back on tours. He states that he tried to take everything and maintain peace. He states that he always tried to keep the issues they were having quiet to keep the public from poking into their affairs but she always had new inventions when it comes to bring up new trouble. He reveals that this lady always made his life trouble because she is always seeking for attention forgetting that his music also needs him. He stated that he had too much pressure from the lady and from work. He explained that his label team has always let him know that you will lose your fans if he did not make more hit songs.

Finally he said that that at a time he got tired of the whole issues and started looking at what he has sacrificed for her even when she bluntly refused to change her last name to his name. He decided to get out of the relationship although he felt bad. He claims that this lady blamed the breakup on him but states that it was okay. He appreciates his family and friends because they made his life okay because they were always there. At the end of the story he states that in 2017 this lady that has left so much memory in his heart (both positive and negative) past away. He states that although he felt broken by the news that he will be okay and move on with his life because he still has his family and friends.


Khalil Abdul Rahman aka DJ Khalil did justice to the very act of fusing Trap and kalifa’s rap verses to beautiful soul beat. This beat is characterized by nice tambourine play with a repeat of a patterns of keys with a sweet interlude string sound from an electronic guitar giving it a sweet soul feel. The drum line was kept simple with a kick, clap and tambourine with a background of trap hi-hats. What made this beat catch my ears was the peaceful way all the instrument sounded. This work here is some really fine piece of engineering and believe you me simple sounding beats like this are the hardest of work in the studio.


This song should have a flash back approach to it. It is Wiz khalifa telling a story so it important that they keep it real and simple. A few argument scene will do well while showing few pressures he was going through from work and his label. It should have his friends and family with him too as a reminder of the people who made him stay strong during the hard times.

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