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Wizkid No Stress Review

Nigerians two biggest export in the person of Davido and Wizkid can be outlined to have the same problems but in different manifestation. Wizkid while very diversified in sound, has lyrical theme issues. Most of his songs are love songs and that has a very big impact on his track lists. Made in Lagos album which is one of the most anticipated album in Nigeria in 2020, has two singles and they lack the Lagos identity. The reserve we at cillacritic have with Wizkid is the direction he is taking the album. When one hears the title of the forth coming album, one would think that he wants to create songs that will embody the uniqueness of the commercial city of Nigeria (Lagos). But just like a man infected by a disease, Wizkid has gone back to his love songs.

Wizkid is a musician who has always had good executive producers who help him choose the best records for an album. So far they have been messing up. “Smile” and “No stress” are songs which do not really carry the identity of Lagos. Songs like Ojuwelegba would have made a very fine single for this album; but Wizkid and his many love song has not allowed him to craft a classic like Ojuwelegba. Instead in an album which is titled Made in Lagos, he sings about a south London girl he is used to having sex with.

Two singles in Made in Lagos are all talking about romance and erotic love with women. That for anyone who cares to appreciate a work of art is just loss if identity. In this kind of album, songs like “Open and Close” and “Ojuwelegba” would have made an instant hit in the street. How can you title an album “made in Lagos” and the average Lagosian cannot sing along with two of its singles? No stress can be said to be arguably tagged a record that will not trend at list in Nigeria.

Just like Davido, he will sell records online because of his fan base. But that will not change the fact that he is missing his lyrical sense to his excessive love song. Even if he had to make a love song, he should have made a song for the ladies in Lagos. He should have done better with is lyrical theme.


The song is about a lady that Wizkid usually has erotic moments with. Detailing who the lady is, he states that she is a rich and well to do woman who does not like to be stressed. Claiming that although she is rich and living large, he states that what she lacks in her life is a man who can make love to her effectively. According to Wizkid, she claims that it is only him that makes her climax during sexual relations.

The first verse has Wizkid detail how the erotic relations between them happens. Stating that she claimed that his body and presence enhances her love making skills, he also tells her that her body keep pulling him to her. Stating that there are a lot of things on his mind, he tells her that all he also want to do is have electrified sex. He finishes off the verse by claiming that he has been waiting for the perfect night to make her feel right because her love making means so much to him.

The second verse has Wizkid go further in explaining how being around his lover means a lot to both of them. Giving a details of how they spend their after works hours, he give lyrical explanation of the kind of sex they have. He sings about the intensity at which they make love and exclaims that it could kill a person. Finishing off the lyrical analysis of the sexual meeting- he claims that after having an electrified sex that they rest and reminisce about life and talk of their enemies while praying for them.

Wizkid No Stress Review 

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