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Wizkid Smile Review

Wizkid, one of Nigeria’s most influential recording and performing artist turned thirty and in celebration released a single titled “Smile”. This single is the first single from his much anticipated forthcoming album titled “Made in Lagos”. Wizkid who blew into the music scene as a RnB artist has always shown the world that he is not restricted to beats and production. Although Wizkid’s strength musically lies in Afropop, he has shown that Reggae and RnB is not a far reach for him. Wizkid always uses his albums to show his diversity in sound which wins him a lot of respect from different quarters.

Just like what he did when he released his “sound from the other side” album, Wizkid releases a Caribbean influenced single with a female vocal companion. H.E.R who is an American music pop star helps him create the reach that he wants his album to have. For example when “Sound from the other side” was released, Wizkid flagged it off with a muscle flexing collaboration with Drake. That alone made the album an instant hit. Wizkid plays the same trick with this single for the “Made in Lagos” Album.

“Smile” is a good love song which has elements of becoming classic. The message is pure and it has this element of zero noise to it. Unlike “Joro” and his other recent songs, Wizkid creates a song that people will rather sit down and digest. Most times when a song has this element, the timeline at which it stays in the hearts of people tarries. But that happens on the condition that it trends. That can be said to be far fetched because it will not be accepted by Nigerians. The sound is too american than Nigeria or African. Also the featured artist is relatively unknown in Nigeria. H.E.R is still an up coming artist in Nigeria. She does not have the weight that Drake pulled. Hence the effects will not be the same.


The song is all about loving the smile and companionship of one’s lover. In the chorus of the song; Wizkid sings about loving the life of his love and the way she smiles. But before that he tells her that, he tells her that he could be her substance and everything. Accepting that he has made mistakes with their love before, Wizkid tells her that companionship has breed love in him. He gushes at her smile and claims that he can do anything for her love.

Wizkid Smile Review

H.E.R sings from the perspective of the lady who Wizkid wants to be with. In her words she declares that loving him feels right. She claims she can be with him all night because of the way she feels about him. She asks him to promise to always be by her side always. And Wizkid does same in the third and final verse. In this last verse he tells her all the thing he will do for her and the experiences he will go through to make sure they are happy together.


As stated in the review paragraphs, Wizkid made a different sound just to catch the attention of everybody listening. The selection of instrument is of different variety. From the usual drum kit sound to pipe instruments like flute and horn instrument. Just like a regular Reggae music, the song is opened with a simple percussion and baseline.

The arrangement of the song is also unique. For the first time in a long time, Wizkid goes full length in a song. With three verses of different lyrical content, Wizkid makes a song that is void of a hook unlike the usual Afropop music. On a final note, the music was well engineered. There was no rush in the way they mixing and mastering was done. The time Wizkid and his team give in the mastering and Mixing of songs in his album are really unique. He pays attention to the details of every sound element. That is why he could use trumpets, saxophone, flutes, pianos and orchestral strings in one song and it still did not sound crowded.

Wizkid Smile Review

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