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Wunna Album Review

This year have been all about modern trap Afrocentric rap music. They have had almost all the bestselling albums on the billboard. One should not be surprised at why they are making the best sales in music. They have a trendy brand of music and a working formula. The formula is simple and it’s all about featuring their selves and using same producers. For example Roddy Ricch, Da Baby, Future, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna, Lil Baby, Young Thug, Youngboy never broke again, Travis Scott and all the big hitters in the Trap world all feature each other. What they created is a kind of web or tree where all of them feed off the fan base of their each other. This shows some really good brotherhood and salesman skills which is not usually seen among boom box rappers.

Gunna taps into this same formula when he released the album titled “Wunna”. Although the content of the album is relatively abusive to the female folks, he still makes it to the top of the billboard chart. In an eighteen track album, there is hardly any track he does not use a vulgar language that is offensive to women. But when you have producers like Wheezy producing with the trap squad having your back then you can become number one on the billboard.


From our last review on Future’s “High off Life” album, we at agreed to never raise our expectation high when reviewing mumble trap songs. This is because there is hardly a unique message in their album. In fact, the only difference between one mumble trap song and another is the beat. Hence based on the production of this album, it is easy to say it a relatively good album. The beats are really creative but the lyrics are about boujee lifestyle, money, hustle, drugs and women. In a track titled “ADDYS”, he raps about being an addict to drugs. Working with Nechie, he buttressing on how he and his crew have always been on drugs. Waking up and sleeping on drugs.

“Skybox” is a track that Gunna uses to rap about how high they do get. According to him, they are always high in sky with illicit drug. Alleging that even if they are criminals, he claims the corps could arrest them or just leave them alone. “Wunna” is a song which he uses to talk about why he hustles for. According to him, sleeping with women in abusive ways is what he wants to always do. He claims money is used to achieve cuddling a lady hence that’s why he hustles. “Blindfold” is a song that he works with “Lil Baby” and they rap about two separate things. While Lil Baby Raps about money and how he had little as a kid, Gunna raps about money and how he uses his money as a blind fold for women. This he claims allows him do whatever he likes with women.

# Wunna Album Review

“MET Gala” is another song that Gunna uses to rap about money and the pleasures he enjoys from women. “Nasty Girl/on Camera” is another song which he uses to talks about a certain lady he ones met. Stating that he has been around the world, he claims that he has met lots of nasty ladies. But he claims that he met one who wanted to have oral sex with him on camera.
Working with Roddy Ricch they created a song titled “Cooler than a Bitch”. In this song he switches from making song about women to making a song about being better than other guys like him. He claims that he is cooler than all of them. Also working with Travis Scott they created a song titled “Top Floor”. He raps about living on the top floor of life. According to him he had to become big and bigger by facing the tough times and toxic time. But declares that he is living on the top floor now.


The production of this album is really good with Wesley Tyler Glass aka Wheezy giving some of his works to Gunna. Also the production in the song which he features Roddy Ricch is also unique. The uniqueness of that beat is the introduction of other percussion instruments to the beat. “Cooler than a Bitch” is a song which has elements of bongos in it which adds that element of Latino sound in it. Also there is also the use of acoustic guitars which also adds some very good flavor in it. It can be argued that the beat of “Cooler than a Bitch” is the best beat on this album. In summary, just like any other trap music album, the vibes of the beats of trap music is what everyone falls in love with. And this album does not fall short of having good beats.

Possible Hits and Flops

“Argentina” has the possibility of becoming a hit because it is first song on the album. “Addy” could also become a hit because of the flow of the song. Joining it on the hit list is “Cooler than Bitch”, “Wunna” and “Skybox”. The other songs may become hit or just another trap song which will fade into thin air.

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