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Yang 21 Jealous Review

YANG 21, a performing and seasoned musician/producer from Nigeria, recently released a song out of his music library. The song which is titled “Jealous” was created with the ever popular shekere influenced afropop ponpon beat. Like most Nigerian Artist he creates a song which will turn up a dance floor while singing about a love story. With an easy sing along chorus, the song could become an easy hit if well promoted because the chorus is easy to stick to the mind. ‘JEALOUS’ is an Afropop song serving as YANG 21’s second song to be released this year. YANG 21 is dynamic artiste and possesses an eccentric skill set. He describes his music and sound as Afropop with a touch of Soul.


The song talks about showing off one’s lover to the world irrespective of how people feel. YANG 21 opens up the song with a prechorus by stating that he is ready to show his lover to the world through public display of affection (PDA). According to him, he does not mind if they feel jealous because of his excessive show off. And declares that publicly display of his love for his lover will trigger jealousy among onlookers.

# Yang 21 Jealous Review

The verse has YANG explain why he is not shy or afraid to publicly display his love for his lady. Revealing the name of this lady as Monica, he tells the listeners why he is engaging in PDAs. According to him, this lover of his was there for him when he had no money and social status. Asking his lady why he will not keep loving and cherishing her, he proclaims that he cannot take her love, care and respect for granted. Appreciating the way she has his back and hold’s him down, he tells her that the song and public display of affection is all for her.

In summary YANG 21 created a song that he uses to appreciate the lady who has been by his side since he started out as a small music artist. Declaring that he will show the world how much he loves her, he tries to teach everyone who listens to his music to do same to their loyal partners.


The song which is produced by YANG 21 mirrors the new wave of Afropop sounds from Nigeria. With the use of ponpon snare and Kicks merged with Afrobeats shekere, he creates a sound that is closely related with sound associated with Fireboy DML and Omah Lay. One notable feature of this beat is his artistry with violins in his orchestral patterns. It provids the sound a kind of romantic and angelic tune. Being an Afrobeat beat that has no lead guitar but strict use of grand piano, the orchestral pattern provides adequate lead and colour to the beat.

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