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Yemi Alade Empress Album Review

An album is a body of work made of songs that have lyrical and sound themes. In other words they sound or create the idea of sounding same while having related lyrical message. Yemi Alade have always been able to keep that in mind when making her projects and Empress Album is not an exception.

Listening to this project, one is not blown away by the songs in it because most of the sound patterns and scores have been used by Yemi Alade in previous projects. But one cannot fault her work on the project. This album may not be lit now but has all the element to be lit over time when given proper air play by DJs and OAPs. Yemi Alade is a hard working musician and producer and her dancehall prowess cannot be over emphasized. Although this album lacks some spark now, it definitely has what to spark it up over time with some element of luck.


Apart from the already singles which are “Boyz” and “I choose you”, there at least three songs that could make the album fly. “Temptation”, “Deceive”, “Mami Water” and “Lose my Mind” are tracks that can make this album catch the attention of people.


Like most Nigerian Afropop music, the album is lyrically themed on love stories and women. She sings from the perspective of a lady in love in some songs. While in some other songs, she sings from the perspective of lady observing the action of men and other ladies in the society. For example in the song which titles “Mami Water”, she sings about how expensive dating or getting married to a beautiful lady is. According to her every woman want all the expensive things of life coupled with affection and peace. Hence she admonishes men to be ready for the trouble of loving or getting involved with a very beautiful and classy lady.

“Yoyoyo” is a song which she copies a popular Christian songs to create her vibe. She sings about two different persons who are deceiving themselves but think they are playing others. One of this two persons is a lady who is a high class call girl who claims to be single but sleeps around with old rich men. The other personality in her song is a man who plays ladies by promising to marry them when he was not. The song is not about the beat but the message of the song. And just like her breakthrough single: “Johnny”-she made the song interesting with her storytelling.

Working with Vegedream they made a song titled “Lose my Mind”. The song which has an electrifying intro talks about having a unique affection for her lover which makes her feel like she is loosing her mind. Patoranking became her new partner in another song which she titles “Temptation”. The song talks about being tempted by the appearance of one’s lover.

In a song which tackles the issue of deceit and cheating in relationship, Yemi Alade makes a song titled “Decieve”. The song which features Rudeboy could easily become one of the classics in this album because of the message of the song. Yemi Alade sings from the perspective of a woman who have been continually taken advantage of. While RudeBoy sings from the perspective of man who has an insatiable spouse or girlfriend.

Yemi Alade Empress Album Review

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