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Yemi Alade I Choose you Review

When you talk of women who are into Afropop music who could compete with the male folks in making music, Yemi Alade can slot into the first two top spot. All her songs has the pure Afropop and Afrobeats elements that most female folks find hard to cope with. She is top notch. Her works for the past one and half years have been really impressive and this single is not out of that list. “I choose you” just like most Nigerian and African Afropop music is a love song. What Yemi does in this song is that she expresses her feelings bluntly and directly.


The beat is the regular ponpon beat which is made interesting with gong and conga percussion instruments. The Rhythmic instruments, just like most African song is dominated by an interplay of different electronic guitars. There is the regular lead solo guitar, the supporting Lead and bass guitars. To add flavor in the background is a another solo key which sound like an choir organ tune.

The idea of working with Dadju gave it a unique feel and sound. It brought the makosa blend of Afropop on the song without the use of the regular makosa drumline. The use of French language by a male fellow gave it this diversity and flair that is unique to afropop songs made in central and Eastern Africa. This song is basic mid tempo party jam that can get anyone dancing.


 How do you tell a man you are ready to live and stay with that you are ready to settle with him? That is what Yemi uses this song to help ladies out there achieve. She uses the song to express her undying and unwavering love for her man. She tells him in plain words that she chooses him out of the many men coming her way.

The song is opened up with some declaration of intent. Yemi Alade, lets her man know that if he (her lover) takes one step, that she is ready to take that step with him. Although she claims that she will allow him freedom, she promises to shadow him wherever he goes. According to her, for every one step he takes, she will take two steps after him.

The last verse has Yemi declare that she has been looking for true love all her life. According to her, at a stage in her life getting the right man was becoming an issue of lost and found game. But unlike most people, she did not find hers until she came across her present lover. She tags her man original and sent from heaven specifically for her in melodious tunes. Dadju in his verse uses his verse to profess his undying love and commitment to her. According to him, he has much love and respect her hence he ready to always choose her.

The prechorus has Yemi tell her lover that she chooses him among the many men around her. She promises to always choose him in the morning and in the night. She promises to choose him irrespective of his decisions, actions and plans in life. According to her she has made up her mind to settle down with him. The chorus has her chant the fact that she has taken a decision to always stay with him.

Yemi Alade I Choose you Review

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