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Read how Yemi Alade’s Boyz celebrates good looking guys while listening to the song below.

Yemi Alade is a household name in the entertainment in Nigeria. She has remained relevant in the entertainment industry for over five years and that is not the usual testament of female musicians in Nigeria. Along with Tiwa Savage have kept their musical relevance for this years and that is totally applaudable. Being one of the female musicians in Nigeria with a great looking body, Yemi is always in the eyes of the male folks. But with this song Yemi tells the world the specification of men that she likes. So if you are a guy who probably have a crush on Yemi Alade, then please read her specifications of men she likes. This song is a celebration of good looking men.

This song is a buzz maker and will definitely get people dancing around the world dancing especially ladies. Mixing up her vocal with a Caribbean influenced beat, Yemi shows yet another time that she is not scared to experiment with different genres of music. With this song, she shows how diverse her creativity spans.


This a song which Yemi uses to tell the world that she loves boys. And not just boys but boys with good looks. She opens up the first verse by stating clearly that she loves boys who have money and live a lowkey lifestyle. She also states that she loves boys who have good body built and who knows how to give good loving in cold weather. She praises all men that’s are good looking and calls them royal highness. Declaring that she only rolls with those type of good looking boys. In the chorus she states that she and her crew are out to look for good looking boys.

In the second verse she goes on to list her specifications for a “Fine Boy”. In her words she claims that whether a good looking guy has money or not, that she is ready to give herself free to him. Following that up, she claims that if you have a well built body that that is an added advantage because that is what ladies like her are looking for. So that the can match it up during love making without any fear at all. In the last verse she goes to state that just as they are looking for good looking guys, that being a beautiful lady is a standard. Therefore she sings that if you are not a beautiful lady, then you should not be in her league of ladies. Because all they are out to do is to match up their beauty with the males.


The beat as stated above is a Caribbean influenced beat. With a lot of Jamaican elements, the song makes for a good dance hall beat. There is not an Africa or Nigeria vibe in it because even the rhythmic tune of the beat is an edited Reggae string with some mixing strings which utters the usual reggae sound. Also the baseline is not dropped like the usual Afropop or Afrobeats songs that Yemi Alade does.

One of the unique element of this song is the resonance of the beat. This can be heard clearly in the intro and when the song is approaching every transitions. The way she vocals those transitions could light up any atmosphere. This beat is really dope which can turn up the life of any casual party.

If you have listened to Yemi Alade’s Boyz then what do you think about it. Drop a comment below.

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