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Young Deji Genesis Album is a bad album with records made by someone who is forcing himself to be a Rapper. Young Deji joins the list of RnB musicians who don’t really know what they should be doing. Genesis album would have join 6lack classic album (East Atlanta Love Letter) as a new brand of Trap/RnB but totally missed it. From the vocals, lyrics to production; one cannot choose a song which totally lit. WizKalifa is a supportive bro to Young Deji but there is little or nothing a person can do when a song is already bad. Young Deji has to go and decide what type of music he wants to do, change his producers and try to make honest music.

Young Deji has to look and learn from 6lack and learn the act of mixing Trap and RnB. He has to understand that spitting out your vocals like a Rap artist when you are not is dumb.  He forgot that his musical strength is singing leading him to a catastrophic delivery of his songs. From “Can” to “However” or “SAR” to ”Maccin” all I could hear is a guy who wants to do rap music so bad that he ended up making his album sound clueless. He dragged his voice from track one to the very last trying to create the effect of a rapper. Bluntly refusing to be original to himself or his craft.

The message of the album was not well discussed in each song. This is because, the songs were not appealing to the ear.  The production of the Genesis album was also very bad. The volumes of beat patterns where not engineered well. There was too much emphasis given to the percussion in way that did not create a sense of harmony. All the songs sounded like more should have been done to make it sound better.

In summary Young Deji wasted his time in studio making songs he thought were hits. All the songs are below average from vocals to production. The album is a sham and a total waste of money, time and energy. It would have been better if he did the following:

  1. Believed in his strength and stick to making RnB music.
  2. Used better producers who understood good music and are ready to give over 100% when making a song.
  3. Playing his songs in front of people are not yes men. Yes men will always tell you that the stuff you are making are good. Yes men made him release this bad album to the world.


Possible Hit and Flops

WOYM has some potentials of becoming a Hit because of the chorus which is easy so sing. Although same beat with better engineering would have given it a better groove. All the other song cannot really wet ones thirst of music hence they are flops.

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