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Many people who read articles from may wonder why we don’t call many songs from Africa Afrobeats. That’s because they are not afrobeats. Afrobeats is a term Fela Kuti used to define his type of music. We prefer calling African music Afropop. This is because it is a term we use to classify digitized traditional African music. Zoro’s Kulture single is one of such afropop music.

Kulture is song that has all elements of traditional Igbo ogene sause. Ogene means Rally song in Igbo language. It is usually used in ancient times by the Igbos for celebration after winning a battle or in praise of a traditional Masquerades. It is a total mix of energy and dance vibes. What Zoro did in this Afropop sound is incorporating elements of Ogene to digital Hip-hop production.


The song is a celebration song of Zoro’s success in the music industry. He talks about his music going world wide even with his local Igbo vibe. He talks about making money in a low key without making much noise in his life. In thanksgiving to God he appreciates him for the big life he is living. He talks about the money he has made in music.

Bragging with his flows and money, he talks about the flights in private jets. He talks about spraying money in parties and exotic cars. He claims to have all these just because he stock to his traditional Kulture. In a humorous lyrics, he talks about using his designer cloth regularly with wearing his Igbo man red cap. He also talks of wearing a suit made of Ishi Agwu (Lion head) cloth material which is synanimous with the Igbo tribe.


As stated above, this hip-hop song is made of rich afropop beat. An Ogene beat is made of gong, Odum(Base Kick), Bongos and Congas, shakers and wood. To give it a modern feel, it is blended with electronic guitars, horn instrument and pad sound. With some good riser transition sound effects, the producer adds some colour to the beat.

The rap and his rhymes is quite rapid and fast tempoed flowing with the beat. His pre chorus is constructed with lyrical vibes of traditional Igbo identity. He create a song that depicts the voice of village men and women in South eastern part of Nigeria.


Zoro has never been shy of his heritage as an Igbo man. Making an album art that showcases him eating his food along with a Masquerade is just epic. And that is the way the musical video should go. Displaying the culture of his people in a song he titles Kulture is the best way to go.

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