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Nigerian musicians can be so boring to listen to most times because of the increased rate of repetition. Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli also known as Flavour is obviously a hit music veteran but his impact in the pop music mainstream has over the years reduced and not even his new single titled “crazy” love featuring Yemi Alade may save his street rep. Flavour is widely known for his South Eastern High Life Beat and vocal influence which is his trade mark. This particular genre of African music has the key to any party because it can light up any atmosphere. The only shade of gray is the evil that same old tricks brings on it. Scholars agree that insanity is doing same thing, same way and expecting to have a different result. That is what Flavour has done with his music in time past and now the law of diminishing of return may just catch up with his music.

Tiwa Savage was a new fish and selling female artist when Flavour got her on his Hit song “Ohyi” (Catch cold). The world felt that song and it was all over the radio and people’s phones. Then came the song with Chidima titled “Ololufe” which became even a bigger hit than his first duet. Now it is 2018 and Flavour has gone back to his old trick featuring Yemi Alade in his new song. Personally I love the Jam because of the slow Afropop RnB feel but the fact remains that people are used to this stunt. Music is a creative art hence when a musician becomes predictable; the fan tend listen once and shelf the song.  People get bored of same old sound and approach and it can be argued that this song is going to suffer that discrimination.


The song opens up with Mr. Flavour professing his love for his lady. He claims that his lady Obiageli makes his heart and head beat and ache like a drum. He declare that she is a blessing to him and he has won his heart handcuffing him with love like a police officer.  He tell her that with the way she behave that she must love the music of the late Nigerian Highlife music veteran Late Pa Osita Osadebe. He goes on to ask his lady to surprise with her dance moves because she is endowed with a body that can make a man sin when she moves it. He begs God that he should save him from committing

Yemi takes up role of his lady and begins to profess her love for him too. She claims that just like a hook and a fish that their two are attracted to each other. She claims that like a prison cell, he has got her on a lockdown. She testifies that he has this type of energy and fire which get her high and unstable especially when he comes close.


The slow Tempo beat of about 95 to 100 is made with a mix of Igbo music sound because of the Flavour brand. The kick is dropped with a shekere (shakers) and hi-hats at the beginning of every bar. Adding colour to the drum line is the sound of the snare rim and tom sound which has a mix of crash with it. This particular percussion is pure Igbo highlife beat. It is not related with any form to Afrobeats because it has its origin with Osita Osadebe and the Orenta Brothers of Igbo land.

One notable element of this beat are the strings used in this song. A typical High life beat from eastern Nigeria is defined by two major guitars which are the Base and Lead tenor Guitar. The Baseline in this song has a four bar pattern that is repeated all through the song apart from when the line is hooked. Keeping it basic and simple is what makes good High-life music dope. Because High-life beat are sounds that are not characterized with noisy background noise. Instead it is kept clean for better enjoyment for the listener. This beat is another mastery from 2017/2018 hit maker “Spellz”.


The heavy Saturation use in the video is one that is very obvious in the making of the music video. One other commendable feature is the choice of costume is also wonderful except from the last scene which has Yemi Alade and Flavour wearing the black costume. The last scene seem to look disjointed when compared to the previous scenes shown. Having a stripper-like scene in a video that the story line has been built on African heritage is just disjointed when you look at it critically.

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