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Read Olamide Kana Review while listening to the song below

I am a day one Olamide and Wizkid fan who know lots of their songs by heart. As a fan I have followed their art achieving heights and lows in terms of good music. I was at a saloon cutting my hair when I saw the video of the song ‘Kana’. I felt the vibe immediately and was also captivated by the visuals of the song. Without doubt it is an improvement from where Olamide and Ayo (Wizkid) where in 2010/2011 and I am happy for them. But being cillacritic means that I have to put every song under the microscope and this is why Olamide Kana won and lost to Omotosho


Omotosho was about love while Kana is about money and success. This creates one of the craziest controversy in terms of song quality. Olamide has evolved over time from a story teller in hardcore rap to more of a singer who blends to the beat and the evolving environment. Kana is a song highly influenced by street life which he holds dear. Hustle and ability to make it out of the hood and projects which he found himself has always been the real message behind his hustle. Kana is a song which he would have loved to sing some years back but when you don’t have money those songs don’t sell. It’s what he really understands but couldn’t share because he had to build a brand. You might want to ask me how I know but if you listen to the lyrics of his new collaboration you will relate. He had to satisfy the public with a fine tune hence omotosho was the perfect music for that time. Money, hustle and enjoyment and success (kana) was Olamides major goal when diving into music but had to tell stories of love (omotosho) which others could relate to, to get there.


MUTAY of the legendury beat duo is a real G with sounds coming with patterns one could associate to lots of the works of Ghanaian beat maker CueBeat is up there in good beat shelf. In terms of sound there is a mad increase in digital quality in terms of production but a relatively high lack of creativity in Kana. I will never be able to get over the snare roll sound that follows the “omo omo omotosho” chorus. For me there was more time taken in the beat creation of omotosho than kana. With the pom, pom sound which is much in vogue now, most producers find it easier to work on slow tempo sound. I won’t blame them anyway because the type of music a musician bring is what he produces to. The beat of kana though digitally and mastering up there does not wipe out the quality of time and brain storming given in the production of omotosho which was cooked by the coded tunes crew.


Now song arrangement is something that determine the impact of song and the song Kana Lacks it. I did not know where the climax hook was. It was not just there. Every song that will last the test of time has a hook. Kana lacks it but Omotosho has this in excess. For me when wizkid stepped in in the two music had two different feelings in my ear. I don’t know but if you are a lover of music and you listen to the two songs. You will relate. There was more power and resonance in the vibe brought by wizkid than the preceding verse in Omotosho which in Kana was not there at all.
The video of kana is okay. It show the Nigerian Entertainment industry is still striving to perfect the art of perfect gangsta visualization. Great colour correction. Good concept but not better than that of Omotosho though. And might send the wrong message to the people who don’t understand the music like I do.

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