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For any reader of today’s review of one of Nigerian indigenous Rapper’s song titled “motigbana” then you must be brought to speed on the meaning of the title of the song.  The word “motigbana” means “I am on fire”. This is a slang used to refer to good life or being relatively rich in Yoruba language and it is usually used in Nigerian suburb. Also the word “toast” is a Nigerian pidgin word used to refer to the act of asking a girl out. Olamide also known as Baddo by his fans has over the years pledged his loyalty to the street he was born and grew up in; hence uses his music to tell stories of the hood. He has always had a way of making his lyrics appeal to the lifestyle of people in these parts of Nigerian where lots of people live below a dollar. Olamide Motigbana paints a picture in lyrics of how a man who has just made a little money in the hood approaches and asks a lady out. This song will for sure be a street jam any moment soon because of the beat and dance vibe it releases into the air. If you a DJ Nigerian or from Caribbean part of North America then this is a song you should play on your turn table because people will really love it dance to it.


Olamide takes a character of a man who is newly rich and lives in the Nigerian suburban area who meets a lady at a club and felt like asking her out. He approaches the lady and opens up with a pre-chorus and chorus declaring that he is on fire and has elevated to new heights. He adds that he can’t hibernate even though haters and wicked people around him wants him suffocate. He states that even with the wishes of the haters that he and his teams don’t take them seriously but they keep on enjoying themselves. He declares to this lady that he and his team are going higher with the money piling up.

In the first rap verse he goes all loose with the toasting. He tells the lady that he is the one people around call the big man. He tells the lady to turn around like a ceiling fan so that he can see how beautiful she look declaring that he has enough money with reserves in a bullion van. He acknowledges that the lady is kind of expensive because she was wearing a Gucci shoe; but he tells her to look at his shoes that he is also wearing a good one. He tells the girl he doesn’t wish her evil but what he wants is to fish her like a fisher man does to a fish. He tells her that she is like a commercial bus that passes by and he does not want to miss her. He goes on explaining his hustle to her by letting her know that he is always busy from early hours of the morning to the evening because his life is just like a DJ’s spin that is a freaking world out there. He declares that even with the freaking world out there that he still loves the way this set lady shakes her back side (ikebe) declaring that her backside (Bombom) is bigger than Bombay. He finishes up the verse by telling her that all he want is to hug and cuddle her.

Getting angry with the arrogance, the lady decides to leave him. Olamide picks up the second rap verse by telling her to slow down while asking her if she is pepper soup. He get even more arrogant, asking her if she does she is not feeling he vibe (gbedu). He tells her not to rush because she is not Genevieve Nnaji stating that if she says she wants to leave that she could leave because he could also leave. He tell her not to waste his time because he needs an answer to his request real quick. He says he does not have that time to play because money is the real thing while telling her so many other stories about where his know around the city in Lagos state. Note: He tell her lots of things which are all in Yoruba language which I can’t translate to you because my understanding of the language is limited.



The song is made with a sub-genre of afrobeats which is called “koto”. “Koto” is a sound originating from Ajegule; a very popular  part of Lagos state. It was made by Pheelz the Mr. Producer using drum line made from snare drum rim and kicks as the major percussion. It has close resemblance sound from the Caribbean but sounds high-life because of the way the solo lead guitar tune is played. Listening to the lead guitar; it is played with an acoustic guitar first before it was changed to a lead electronic guitar in the chorus. Listening closely you will hear the baseline playing in background with the volume reduced by at list sixty percent wehn compared to the lead. Another notable sound is the use of shakers and bongo to follow the snare sound giving it this traditional Igbo music feel.


With visuals of this song looking like it was made in late Fela’s African Shrine; Unlimated LA makes a visuals using the setting of most Nigerian Brothels. He creates scenes that suggest that the set arrogant Rich man went to visit a brothel in search of a lady. In some other scene he recreates Fela’s picture pose scene where he has Olamide sitting in the midst of static African models. In all, he gives it some dancing scenes because the song is a party jam. The video is kind of having a scattered message with no direct story being told.

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