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“I have always had a passion for fashion growing up and whilst in school, I knew I was going to follow this path. I would watch a lot of sewing videos on YouTube and read a lot of sewing books. Some years after graduating I signed up for a 6-month course in Fashion design and garment making at a fashion school in Abuja. I also took an online course in Fashion entrepreneurship and soon afterwards decided to set up the Brand”.

Ihinosen Ighedosa

“The truth is pressure from friends, colleagues and customers is inevitable. But God, patience and taking life one step at a time has really helped me. I don't work based on someone else's progress, I allow myself to grow at my own pace with focus on improvement.”

Oluwatosin Bolutife Odusanya

“The proper decision to become a fashion designer was birthed when I was in 400Lvl. I didn’t get a good place for my IT (industrial training) quickly. I didn’t want the time to just go by, so I ventured in fashion Design”.

Olanrewaju Akinsiku