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Darey Way Home EP Review

Darey is a veteran in Nigerian music industry. By naturally migrating from a artist to a show promoter and planner he has been quiet on the music scene. Popular for his Folk, Ballad and Soul music; Darey has also been able to switch to Afropop and Afrobeats from time to time. This project titled “Way Home” is not unique but a good project. The lyrics and well thought and the delivery is good. Unlike previous projects that Darey has blessed us with, there is no spark song that will blow people away. However the project is a decent one. His work with Pheelz Mr Producer paid off because some the songs are really groovy. Songs like “Wild West”, “jojo”, “Jah Guide Me, could turn up the energy of anyone listening to it.


The album is a blend of different topics with love music taking the lead. Normally this set of topic sentence makes the project scattered. But the lyricism and delivery is professional and cool. Darey who is majorly a Ballad and Folk music maker had to allow himself express himself in popular Afropop Alternate sound. In the first song titled “Wild West”, he sings about the scarcity of true love. Setting the tune of the music in a groovy beat, he tells his lover that it was hard for him to find love with her because gifts like her are scarce. He uses the song to proclaim his love for her siting the fact that his heart have been broken by so many ladies. The song is a good curtain raiser for any album. The position of the song on the playlist is decisive because it allows people who do not really know Darey to be stuck with the EP.

“Jah Guide Me” is a song which have already been released as a single. In this song he sings about skipping all the traps of the enemy and making his mark in life. He pleads with God to help him defeat his obstacles and hindrance. This plea he makes to God is to show people who are waiting to see his downfall,  that he serves God and his son Jesus. The song which is made with pure Afrobeats is dominated with the shekere, congas and horn instruments.

Working with Teniola they created a song titled “Show me love”. The song which is made with the ever popular ponpon beat has them singing about one’s partner showing love to either. The song which the regular ponpon song has no real uniqueness to it. It will easily missed with other songs without any making a clear difference from the others. Teaming up with Afro-reggae pop start Patoranking, he makes a song titled “Jojo”. The song talks about turning up and partying to dawn. Darey sings about always creating a great energy on the dance floor tells everybody to bend down and dance to the dawn of the day.

In the third song Darey turns back to his natural musical habitat in a folk music inspired tune in a song titled: Way Home. Darey works on another love song for a lover of his he left. According to him he is trying to get back to home. He explains that she was his home and since he left her, that he has been lost. He begs her to accept him back for just one more time because he is trying to find his way back home.  In the last song on the EP is titled “Gone” and it is another folk music. The song paints a picture of regrets at the loss of one’s true love due to carelessness and not doing enough.

Darey Way Home EP Review

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