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Era Istrefi Oh God Review

Fashion and Music  has a way of evolving and many a time people tend to make similar sound and music which some others have made some times past. I am a good follower of Rihanna’s music and just like most people who follow her music, it has been kind of odd that the multiple hit maker has not released a song in some months. As disturbing as that has been, the music industry has found a way to move on with hits coming from different angles. I was searching for musical videos that were released recently and I bumped into this sound by the twenty four years old Yugoslavian Era Istrefi. Era Istrefi’s “Oh God” song a club ound that anybody will like to listen to.

Apart from the fact that she shares a few feature in physic with the first name pop star, she also made a sound which has close relation to her last hit “Work”. The Carribaen RnB song is one that will surely wet the thirst of Rihanna’s followers. I was totally taken by the song, the visuals are dope; the beat and mastering of the sound are pretty okay. I can endorse the song for anybody who needs to listen to songs which have slow tempo because one can easily dance with his or her waist line with this jam. Also it’s a very nice jam for love making because of the slow beat and lyrical content.


This song is an expression of appreciation to ones lover. It is a sound that explains how a guy makes her lady feel. Istrefi takes the role of a lady who is appreciating her man. She begins the song by stating that she like it when he talks of her body in really nice ways that elevates her ego. She tells him that they don’t need any form of influence from the public. She goes ahead to describe in the pre-chorus what she feels when her man is making love to her while playing a song from the music player. She explains that he works her body concurrently with the beat of the music.  In the chorus she declares that she feels like a god when her man gets lost in the moment and screams “oh god”.

She does not stop describing the erotic sexual scene with her man as she gives more details in the second verse. She talks about the sex being louder than a thunder but yet none of them climax. She covers the explicit content in some kind of poetry when she sings, “Louder than a thunder, we don’t even gat no rain”. She says she wonder why he does not climax because she can see it on his face that he is feeling the loving. She agrees that she also feels same way and needs him going on replay because she loves what he is saying which is “Oh God”.  The third verse has nothing really but a reply from Konshens taking the role of her man. He tells her that he really feels her when she is moving her waist line and can give her anything in that moment. He declares that he is going to give her the good loving and make her climax.


I have not really know the producer called Jonas Jeberg before even though he has produced for Demi Lovato. He brought this beat home by mixing Reggae and RnB together while using Trap Snare and Hi-Hats to convey his messages home. The reggae lead string is replaced with a tweaked guitar using some phaser and distorters to give this groovy Jamaican feel to the music. I practically love the use of pure trap percussion of this song because it had a way of keeping it hiphop while stealing Reggae element.


One outstanding feature of this video is the visualization of a sea goddess by the RDstusios. They cloth the musician in some kind mermaid wears with some very cute visuals effects. They make her look like she has fins in between her fingers and gills in the side of her neck. They painted the motion picture of a goddess who comes out of see to be with her earthly lover while having to party with him all night. I like the idea because it picks the lyrics and makes a real creative stuff with it. I will rate this son a 6/10

Era Istrefi Oh God Review

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