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This album is another mumble rap album which will not last in the hearts of many because of the lack of real poetry, storytelling and exceptional creativity.

Valentine Chiamaka

 The Wizrd is one of the new albums of 2019  and can be said to an album which will increase the disrespect that mumble rappers are getting of rappers from the 90s. A growing musical beef between mumble Rappers and free flow Rappers reached its height last year when Logic, Eminem and even Meek Mill went after mumble rappers with some bars. Logic in his bars in one of the songs in Young Sinatra four (YSIV) stated that Mumble rap will never be cherished and remembered. He argued that mumble rapping is crap and alleged that the artist who sell this rap style was killing the hiphop culture. Being a critic of Musical Art, I was very skeptical on the issue but Listening to this album titled Wizrd by Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn aka “Future” made me validate their anger. I got the Migos Culture II album and till date it is one of the worst album I have in my Hiphop music Library. This may just be another album that I may dislike because of a usual problem all mumble trap music usually have. One major weak point of mumble rapping trap musicians is the tendency to repeat bars. And this same weak point is what this  album is having because Future’s “the Wizrd Album is an upgrade Migos’ Culture II album”.

The Wizrd is an album which was made with good beats and good production but lacked real poetry, flow and story. Although Future talks about being rich and making it out of the hood; he did not really do a good job in telling a very detailed story. But just like any other mumble rapper like Migos, Gucci Mane, Travis Scot and other mumble rappers went on repeating chorus and using steady rhymes with same flows. However “Never stop” is a song that everyone who is broke or who was once broke could relate to. He talks about suffering and dealing with the world around him. He talked about fighting the poverty he grew up in. Dealing with disrespect and rejects he suffered from people because he had nothing. He declares that as he strived to become a success that he had tears in his eyes but he used his pain as a motivation to become better. He declares that people who knew him should have not given up on him because he never stopped striving to get better.

The real positive of this album is the beat and production. Unlike Migos’ Culture II album that had 80 percent of the trap beats sounding the same, this album has a clear variety in sound pattern with different keys and tunes. The Army of about twenty two producers who made this album did some real nice job. They did not use the usual melodies used in most trap songs. They also helped Future in the delivery of his songs because he obviously did not follow the boring steady rhymes that mumble rappers are used to. They found a way to add some sound that made the rap flow and beats sound colourful. Southside in his production of “jumping on a Jet” used some real melodious keys to back up the heavy Kicks and Trap hats. He made the beat so colourful that an average music lover will get carried away by the wonderful composition and transition of beat. The can also be said of “Crushed up” that was produced by Wheezy, Ricky Racks and Matt Caps. The low octave sound mixed with some bell sounds gave the trap percussion life and could drive someone into nodding his or her head to the jam.

The steady rhymes is also way better than Migos’ culture II because Future really goes original in some song. I have always been of the opinion that Future is more of a Singer than a Rapper. With the sound he makes, I could easily group him in same genre as 6lack because of the way they blend Trap Hiphop and RnB. However, this album is not on the same level with even the championships by Meek Mill or even The YSIV by Logic. This is just a party Album that is going to die off once the buzz that comes with the release of album dies. This album is another mumble rap album which will not last in the hearts of many because of the lack of real poetry, storytelling and exceptional creativity.

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