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Koreans pop bands are taking the industry

Boys’ band music is one of the part of music that I have been a faithful follower to since I was nine or there about. Even though I cannot sit here and boast that I know all the boys’ band that have ever graced the world of entertainment; I can tell you I know a great deal of their music and how they have evolved.

I am a big fan of Backstreet Boys and West Life which for me are the biggest Boys’s Bands that ever made the airways. I listened to “One Direction” and I am currently following up the new boys; “Why don’t We”. If you asked any adult that was born in the 90s he or she will tell you that boys’ band is a music that can be attributed to the boys from United Kingdom and United States but there is a new revolution. The Koreans and becoming the major game players in the Boys’ Band music. I am not saying this because I am hating on America or UK music but it is obvious with the mad singles and albums these guys are producing.

These Koreans are ballistic especially with their beats because they are overly scientific with the sound. I have listened to Ikon and BTS and I can stand and defend the motion that these guys are stealing the show. Gone at the days that Boys’ band are made up of only singers with great voices and killing vocals.

This guys have introduced the rap game in boys’ band music in a way it has not been used before and are flying with it. I was listen to BTS’ new album and fell in love with the song “fake love”. This is a song that fuses Trap and RnB and my friends, when you listen to this you will have a rethink. The way the boys’ band from UK and US make music makes one sleep. With these Koreans, you can never sleep. I am a fan of Korean music from now on because these guys are taking over. You might want to know why they have taken over. This is because if this guys are not checked by the entertainers in America and UK; they might just kiss boys’ band music good bye.


I am not Korean and I obviously don’t understand what the singles that I download from mean. But the way they fuse it with the small number of English language words they speak still makes you want to listen. They went one further by giving all their songs English title making it easy for the titles to stick to the mind of the people listening. I can’t for sure tell you what the guys are saying because we don’t have anybody translating for us at cillacritic. But one fact is that these guys are talking some real stuff because five or seven persons can’t sit down, write and vocal rubbish. They successfully blend Rap, and various parts of singing (hook, pre-chorus, verses and chorus) together in one song that you have a whole package when you buy their songs. They have good lyrics and they are using some very good methods to fuse and style their lyrics.


These guys are going to one day control electronic music production with the way they are going. If you think differently, then ask yourself what they did with the technology that they learnt from the UK and US. Listening to BTS and Ikon, one thing was evident and that was the beats which are always groovy and appealing to the ear of the person listening. I loved the way they used all the instrument sounds and effects at their disposal. In the BTS group they have over three producers who are also singers which makes them understand the songs and sound better. Now ask yourself how you can take it away from groups that have singers, rappers, beat makers and producers in a boy’s band.


Prior to this time it was all about sitting, standing in spaced formations and jumping that constituted of the space performances that boys’ bands used to have. But with these Koreans they bring some very real serious dancing skills. If you have ever went to a concert that these  Koreans are performing then you will agree with me that the energy they bring to the ground is really out of this place. The break dance and dance formation is just pleasing and exciting to watch. They have a wonderful team and working with Colombia records has brought them into the world map of music and it is going to be very hard to keep them away from dominating.

Koreans pop bands are taking the industry

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