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Korede Bello Table for Two Review

Korede Bello became a household name after releasing his mega hit single “God Win” under his then record lable: Mavin Records. Time has passed, Record label changed and music maturing. From his previous projects, one can clearly see that he is more of an RnB musician with little flair in Fuji music. Although he had to create songs which were dancehall for Mavin Records, time has now shown that he prefers his comfort zone which is RnB.

In this five track Extended play Album titled “Table for Two”, Korede made five mid-tempo songs which people can vibe to while sitting down. Even if one wants to dance to the groove, the dance has to less energy consuming. Also the lyrical content of the song was also relatively mature. There was no throwing around of unnecessary afropop words but a direct use of airplay friendly word.

However, the EP might not become a street hit because of the general energy around the music. His vocals was relatively slow and not that kind of sound that will turn up someone sitting to sing or dance along. That been said, it is a relatively good EP with good songs that may not go viral.


The songs on the EP are all love songs to a female lover. But before he got down to making songs for his lover he started by making a song for God. In the song titled “Morire”, he creates a song that is like his “Godwin” hit. He did this by creating a gospel/pop sing. In this song he thanks God for all has been through and how he has kept him strong over the years. In the second verse he talks about heaven and earth passing away with people still talking about God. He admonishes you men and women to double up their game so that they can be talked about like God. He finishes off by claiming that he has peace of mind and has new beginnings in his endeavor which underlines the fact that God is still winning.

Korede Bello Table for Two Review

In the songs titled “Sun Momi”, Korede sings about having just one lady in his life. According to him this lady of his is the only woman who treats him right. He tell her to come stay by his side so that he can love her tenderly.

“Hey Baby” is a song that talks about the beauty of his lover. Comparing her beauty to the sun and the moon by claiming the aforementioned universal elements are jealous of her; he begs her not to live him. He finishes of by stating that he wants to invest in her.
In one of the two best songs on this album, Korede sings about his lover yet again. In a song titled “Mi casa Suca Casa”, he sings about her beauty and class. Gushing at her beauty and style, he talks about her being the answer to all his question. Furthermore he adds that she is his heartbeat and laughter and all in all.

In the song titled “Table for two” he paints a lyrical picture of a dinner date with his lover. He sings about being able to do anything his lover wants him to. Declaring that he loves her, he tells her that he is ready to give her all of him and his love.


The production is a blend of RnB and some element of Fuji music creating a blend of Afropop music that is rare in recent months. The production of “Morire” is unique because of the use of the Harmonica instrument sound. While the production of “Mi Casa Su Casa” is also very unique because of the way the song sounds like a Konto beat but is actually a Caribbean influence slow RnB sound.


Two songs have the potentials to become hit songs. “Mi casa Su Casa” and “Su momi” if well promoted can become popular. But that is a big if judging from the general tempo of the EP.

Korede Bello Table for Two Review

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