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Mayorkun Back to Office Album Review: Sound and Lyrical Maturity

Mayorkun, the DMW music star released his first Long playlist album in 2018 and since then he has had a rollercoaster ride in the music world. Mayor of Lagos Album fared well in the music space in 2018 but because he has released most of the songs as singles, it did not really last beyond three to five months. Fast forward to 2021 and this album which he titled “back to office’; Mayorkun has matured on different levels. One of the most notable approach in maturity is releasing only one song from the album as a single thus giving fans something to really anticipate.


In terms of sound quality he experimented on the new trendy Afropop Southern African sound of Amapiano as well as Nigerian sounds. In terms of the sounds being groovy, the beats are more matured than being party jams which Mayorkun is known for. If this album is going to be in a versus with Mayor of Lagos; Mayor of Lagos will make a better party Jam album.

What Mayorkun does differently with this album is more of lyrical composition and international audience satisfaction. Although he and his team of producers created sounds cutting across Afrobeats, Afrofusion , Caribbean sound and hiphop; his area of concentration was more on the satisfaction of the audience.

Apart from his diversity, he tries to reduce the energy needed to vocal his songs for easy sing along by any culture or tribe around the world. Hence songs like “Oluwa” and “Let me know” are easy sing along song with less strain on vocal cords. Also the message of his songs were improved from what some quarters will term noise or street sound to something the world could really  relate to.


The songs on this album are teamed around Mayorkun’s success and love relationships. For example in the song titled “Back to office” he sings about the level of success he is enjoying. He attributes his success and greatness to God and his special anointing on him.

“Freedom” is an Afro-Caribbean sound which he uses to sing about what motivated him into the music life he found himself. According to him, he was in search of freedom hence he had to do what he had to do to gain the freedom he was seeking.

“Oluwa” is a contemporary Afrobeats sound that he uses to talk about the struggles of a Nigerian when trying to attain success. According to him, he thanks God for the success he enjoys and prays that enemies go far away from him. Working on an Eastern Nigerian ponpon sound with high highlife influence; he creates a possible hit with Flavour titled “Feel am”. The song talks about being successful and rich the Igbo man way. Mayorkun killed the Igbo he used to sing in this track especially where he praises different VIP like it is done in Igbo Highlife songs.

In a switch in , he message, he  makes some love related songs. Working with Victony on a track titled “Holy Father”, he sings about his lady making him go gagger. In one of my second personal favourite song on the album, he sings on an Amapinao beat created by DJ Maphorisa. In this song which is titled “Jay Jay”; he sings from the perspective of a man trying to win the heart of a girl. According to him, even though he is a baller like Jay Jay Okocha, he is not a Casanova of any kind. Hence the lady he was trying to date is safe with him.

Mayorkun Back to Office Album Review


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