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Music in Africa is all about the beat and the dance steps it can generate. Less attention is given to the lyrics hence repetition and the use of abstracts words as lyrics. Nigeria as a nation have built their music industry using afrobeats and ponpon beats as its base. They have exported not just music artist but also sound style. Many other African countries have benefited from this musical gesture. Some artist have even tapped into the gesture and have built a carrier in their own right. One of such musicians who has explored a lot of Nigerian musical style is the Tanzanian music superstar Diamond Platinum.

Diamond Platnumz can be regarded as honorary Nigerian if we are to go by the type of music he does. Tanzania being an east African country has a genre of Afropop that is closely related to the Makosa sound of Congo DR. But in the past six to seven years, Diamond Platnumz have ditched that sound for Nigerian Afrobeats and ponpop sounds. In recent times he has also released songs having elements of the popular Zanku Dance beat. He has learnt to move with the musical tide in Nigeria. And releasing the song titled “JeJe” has given another valid evidence to his move with the Nigerian musical tide. This was also made possible by making an Afro-fusion song.


Love music in Africa is not always about the outburst of emotions but a celebration of a ladies body and character. Diamond Platnumz sings about a certain lover of his who has a perfect body. He uses the abstract word “Jeje” to qualify her rocking body. “Jeje” in ordinary terms is a Yoruba word which means “easy going”. Singing about her body, he claims that her curvy body makes him want her. In a more direct way, he makes advances at her with his melodies.


Afro-fusion, a new blend of Afropoop created by Kel-P and Burna Boy. Actually Burna Boy only gave it a name while Kel-P gave it the sound. It is a sound characterized by perfect interplay of traditional congas and Bongo while blending it with a bumping base line, Igbo Highlife strings and Afrobeats horns and shekere. Working with Kel-P, Diamond Platnumz made an Afro-fusion/Caribbean song. They also borrowed some sounds from Sarz’s “Sweet love” Wizkid’s production to give it a Reggae/ Caribbean sound feel.

The song opens up with the Reggae/Caribbean distorted lead electronic guitar sound. While been blended with a percussion line dominated by congas and bongos. Horn instruments like trumpet and saxophone sounds was used to give it a good Afrobeats base. And like every other Afrobeats influenced music, it has the legendary shekere sound blending the percussion lines together.


Energy, colour and Dance was all part of the video. Although there was nothing spectacular about from the dance, the video was a good effort. “Jeje” is a good party beat hence making a million dollar video is not needed.

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