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Tekno’s Old Romance Album Review

Tekno, the Nigerian Afropop musician, producer, dancer, instrumentalist and all round artist just released his maiden album. And it may not be what people expected but it is good. The album follows the basic rules of crafting album which are: Definite lyrical theme, Sound theme and relative variation from the usual songs made by Tekno.  Being an artist that makes 65% love music being able to craft fourteen songs that talks about woman and love from the perspective of a man is totally applaud-able.

Although all the songs in the album may not become hit songs, it must be stressed that his level of creativity that he showcased in this project is really dope. The only slight problem is the fact that he was a little dry on lyrics. He sang a few gibberish words in many parts in his verses but flowed with the rhythm. It may not be what people expect from Tekno because of the high standards he has set for himself, but it’s a fair playlist of good music for a first album project.


This album is made up of many song that can fare well in the airwaves provided it is given airplay. But topping list of songs in this album that could become hit songs are “Tumbo”, “Catalia”, “Dana”, “Armageddon”, “Neighbour”. However a song that could become a classic is “Sku Sku” because of the high RnB influence of the song. Joining it in that category is “Family Issues” because of the high Afrobeats feature of the song and the relatable lyrics of the song.


Tekno is a producer but as usual he worked with big names in the music business for this project. Working Celebobo, Masterkraft, Ubbber and some other hit makers helped cook a really well sequenced and engineered album. The major highlight of this album is the way he blends pure Afrobeats, Afropop and RnB in one album. In “Family Issues and Armageddon, he created some of the purest Afrobeats of recent times. In “Sku Sku” he created a song with a very high RnB influence while finding a way to keep it in an afropop-ish way. The songs on the album are songs that can get an Average African individual to dance.


Lyrically the album is about women and love from the perspective of a young man. “Armageddon” is an Afrobeats song that he sings about a lady who wants to take advantage of him. According to him, a lady cannot take what belongs to him and run away. In another Afrobeats song titled “Family Issues”, Tekno sings about the struggles of a Nigerian man who loves a lady but his family does not give their approval. He uses the song to ask his listeners what they will do if their family do not give approval of their love partner.

“Sku Sku” is a song which he use to celebrate and fantasize about some international celebrities. Stating that if he found himself dating a lady like one of these celebrities, that he would `love, take her home and marry her. “Mistake” is a song that he uses some element of Trap music and a little of emo-rap to sing. He sings about not loving relationships that there are too many rules. He claims to love relationships that he can be free and make mistakes.

Using some Latino vibe in the song titled “Catalia”, he sings about a beautiful lady that he likens to Potatoes and Mangos. He sings about being in love and loving their sexual chemistry. In an Igbo influenced Afropop song titled “Tumbo”, he sings about a lady who stayed with him through the rough and good times. He declares the love that she has for him as true love and promises to stay faithful to her.

In summary the songs on the album are relatively good and could become hit provided enough investment are made in the right channels.

Tekno’s Old Romance Album Review

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