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The Harder they fall movie Review

When Jay Z identified himself as one of the producers of the movie titled: the harder they fall; everyone including me was looking forward to the movie. The movie did not disappoint to appeal to me and Africans around the world because of not just the identity of movie as a black frontier movie but the originality in everything including the music which also includes Fela’s song. As a Nigerian and one of the biggest lovers of Afrobeats and Afropop sounds; I am really happy that an original African song was used in a movie that depicts the story of the America frontier era from an African-American perspective. This is because for many years in Hollywood, stories have been told about America in the frontier era from the perspective of European-American with movies such as “A thousand ways to die in the west”, “the good, the bad and the ugly” and many more. It is nice to see a nice movie like “The Harder they fall” join that long list of the America frontier movies.


The storyline centers on an outlaw in the frontier who is like Robbin Hood in ancient England. What he did was steal from other outlaws who terrorize the poor and gave it back to the people. He was the people’s Robbin Hood. The only difference is that he did not steal from the rich but from outlaws like himself.

The twist in the movie kicks in when a secrete vendetta he was nursing for one outlaw who killed his parents and changed his life forever. Unluckily for him, he finds out a past about his family and this outlaw and the revenge he was seeking for ended up being one against his own blood.


The first positive about this movie is the cinematography. The crane and dolly work of this movie is super creative. The angles of shots especially when Rufus Buck came into the city after being broken of his chains was wonderful. Secondly the selection of the cast was spot on. When Idris Elbar showed up in the thriller, I was thinking he was going to be the hero but the choice of Jonathan Majors was obviously a better choice in a mood swing movie like this. Finally the selection of the songs used in the sound editing of the movie is smart. Africans around the world are make different music and they did a really nice job using all this genre of music which ranges from Reggae to Afrobeats.

I am not one to be have a keen eye for flaws in a movie a movie so I will skip it to talk about how nice it was to honor Chadwick Boseman in the movie.


I will rate it 9/10 because it is the first type of African-American Frontier movie ever made.

The Harder they fall movie Review

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