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Phyno’s something To Live for Album Review

An album is a body of work that is carefully curated with a sound and lyrical theme to create a catalogue of songs that has the same identity. Phyno is a Nigeria Rapper and Singer who have enjoyed success in the Nigeria music industry in a carrier that is spanning almost 10years and his new album displays his clear metamorphosis. Starting as a rap music artist, Phyno diversified into a singing artist. While even I criticized him for his choices, he has created a niche for himself which has kept him relevant. Just like his close friend and ally; Olamide, Phyno has fully become a full blown rap/music butterfly and this album increases his testament.

Phyno already has a fan base that will make him money whenever he releases his records but that will not guarantee him breaking the bar he has already set for himself. His songs and flows are either already used by him or already popular among people. So it will take a stroke of genius act to get his songs buzzing beyond the lovers of Afrobeats and Afropop.

This catalogue of music a good one because all the songs cannot be skipped because of the melody. The only wrong with this album is the lack of uniqueness and freshness of ideas and melodies. They where not packaged in a unique way to sound different. It was same topic sentence of love and life hustle but with no form of uniqueness. This album is basically for fans of his music because many people who do not know Phyno will may not actually pick the album up when listening to it for the first time. But as a lover of his projects, there are a few songs that really get me.


In an album that a sound theme cutting across hiphop, Afrobeats, ponpon and Highlife genre of music, Phyno creates a playlist of songs that discusses hustle, love and spirituality.

Top of the hiphop songs he created is the song titled “Chizoba”. Employing the skills of The Cavemen he raps about his motivation for his carrier. According to him in all he has been opportune to do in his life, his fans and God are the reason he is in the musical game. Stating that he has achieved street credibility with sacrifices and acceptance of the aftereffects of his actions; he details that he has paid all his dues and his music and fans are something he is ready to live for. He finishes off by stating that God should keep saving and blessing him and his fans and family.

Working with Daniel Anthony Farris aka D Smoke, they created a hiphop song titled “I do this”. The song talks about why they do music. According to Phyno who spits over 16bar of music mixing Igbo and Englsih, he states that he does music for his family, friends and his fans. He uses the 16bars to detail the groups that make up his family, friends and fans. In this list includes: his mum, conductors, Business men in Onitsha and Igbo business men scattered all over the world. Furthermore he declares that he does music for people who said he will never make it in life especially the ladies who rejected him when he was broke. D. Smoke on his part detailed why he does music. Mixing Spanish and English he raps about doing music for his son, father, niece, uncle and his ancestors who were sold in slavery.

In summary the songs are okay but its life span is purely on how much of a stans that Phyno’s fans are.

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