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Barnabas EP Review: Kizz Daniel keeps embodying the bad boy Vibe

Kizz Daniel is one artist who many Nigerians will comfortably place in their top ten of Afrobeat/Afropop musicians. This is because of the way he has developed himself to create massive hit songs year in year out. Highly influenced by Afro juju and Afro Fuji sounds, Kizz Dainel’s sound tends to set himself aside from other sounds made by most Nigerian musician who are predominantly ponpon and contemporary Afrobeats hit makers. He has done enough for him self and the new personia that he is forging is crazy one.

When he released “No Bad songs” album, Kizz reinvented himself as a Romantic bad boy. This was shown in songs like “Aye” and more. Since then he has constanly created songs that paints him as a bad boy who is ready to go crazy and local with the ladies. Banarbas is another bad boy catalogue added to that musical character.


As stated before, Kizz Daniel is more driven by Afro Juju and Afro Fuji beats- and that is what this album is all about. Although my personal best of the album is “Addict” which is a shift from his natural habitat. “Addict” beat is a contemporary Afrobeat mid-tempo sound that was produced by Reward Beatz is a perfect Nigerian love making beats. Although it has all element of Afrobeats which is usually danceable to, what Reward Beatz and Kizz did was to create a sensual and sexual sound that a man and a lady can grind to. The lyrical arrangement and vocals are created with high RnB influence which gives it the international feel and the chorus is mad.

Another song which catches my production fancy is the beat created by the one and only Young Jon. The song which is titled “Burn” is also a contemporary Afrobeats sound. But the uniqueness of this beat is the way Jon melts Sounthern African Amapaiano sound to Nigerian Afrobeats sounds. Also the vocal of Kizz takes a totally different route from the usual way he lays his lyrics. Kizz and and his production did a good job in giving us new sounds and cretativity.


As stated above, Kizz wanted to consolidate on his bad boy persona or alter ego. And this can be heard clearly in “Addict” where he explains how crazy he has been living off late. According to him, he wants to live reckless for just one day and repent the next day. He goes on to highlight the attitudes he will be exhibiting which include: smoking, drinking, sex with strange women without protection and spending recklessly.

“Pour me water” is another bad boy song which he creates with Blaise Beatz. The song talks about a guy who is having a hard time making his girlfriend love him on the same wavelength as he does. What makes this song crazy is the way it has blown up on tiktok were ladies are using it to create a really crazy challenge thus underlining Kizz Daniel’s Lady Bad boy persona.

Finally “Banarbas” is song which he uses to explain that as bad as he has gone, he does not take lightly the hand of God in his life. He sings about God’s hidden blessings that people do not see but he has enjoyed and thanks God that he is doing well. He finishes off by begging God to always be with him and not leave him alone.

Barnabas EP Review: Kizz Daniel keeps embodying the bad boy Vibe

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