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“38 Baby 2” Album Review

Many songs made by MC’s in America and around the world all have almost same message. They talk about their hustle from the projects and hardship. Making money and how their life has changed over time has been the recycled message in the music industry. Variety and delivery is what differentiates one good MCs from another. Delivery could be in the way a rapper fuses his rhyme, while in some other cases, it can be the quality of the beat (instruments). Kentrell DeSean Gaulden also known as Young Never broke Again released an album titled “38 Baby 2” and he made the album with an RnB influence trap beat. All the beat are so cool to the ear that even if you do not like Rap or the way he flows his rhymes, there is high possibility that you can press a replay to listen to the RnB vibes of the beat.

If Young Never broke Again was not a modern Afrocentric mumble rapper, this album would have been lit beyond proportion because the beats are really good. For sympathizers of boombox rap, they would not really appreciate this album because of the excessive steady rhyme. But they would have really appreciated it if an MC like Kendrick or Logic spat on the beat. These criticism those not mean that Kentrell did not do a good job. For an album to make it to the top of the billboard top 200 albums charts is no fluke. However, the summation here is, Young Never broke Again and his team of producers made really good RnB beats with some relatively good and bad bars.


The album embodies who the kind of person Kentrell DeSean Gauldenis. A family man who grew up in a not so good condition. Mixing up his tales of poverty and strong family bond, Young made an album that everyone who have same story like him can relate to. In the song titled “Bout my Business”, which he opens up with a phone call to his father; he raps about how he has improved his life. He talks about buying himself a home and a new car. Stating that his life has always been about his business, he declares that he wished his grandmother was alive to see how fine he has turned out to be. “Diamonds” is a song which he talks about people who left him when he was broke. Young declares that he knows they wished that they did not leave him when he was broke.

“Win your love” which is one of the songs with a very interesting beat talks about a fictional lady that he loves. Using some praising lyrics, he hypes this lady and tell her that she keeps him away from the street. He tells the lady to accept him and not murder him for trying to be with her. “Treat you better” is a song which he uses to tell people to always be with people that appreciate them. In his word, he does not regard anybody who do not treat him well. “Win your love” is a song that Kentrell uses to tell a fictional lady that he chooses her for a love relationship.

“38 Baby 2” Album Review

“10 Baby” is a song that he uses to lash out at haters and time wasters. Talking about his business, he tells people that he does not care about what people say anywhere including twitter. He uses the lyrics to tell people about his code of conduct in life and declares that he is unapologetic. “Fire Starters” is a song which has Young sing about being human with feelings. And feels he should be treated right and not just some kind of non-human. Working with Dababy, Kentrell made a song titled “Thug of Spades”. The song is about making it out of the hood and dealing with hate that comes with it.

In summary, Kentrell’s album is just like most of the songs released recently. This is because it has the usual lyrics of making it out of the hood and becoming rich. The major silver linen of this album is the production. Listening to the beats of this album could make anybody wish this beats was used by more experienced rappers. It is a good album of good beats.

Possible Hits or Flops

“Diamond”, “Bout my business”, “On the best” are good records that one will like to vibe to for a while. The beats are really groovy. “Treat you better” also has good potentials of becoming a hit because of the message.  Songs like “Nawfside” would have become a flop but the beat and production is just okay. This can be said of all the songs that are in this album. This is an album that one cannot throw away because of the work of the producers.

“38 Baby 2” Album Review

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