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Ariana Grande Stuck with You Review

Cillacritic have always been on the case of Ariana Grande and her excessive release of songs with low quality content since after the release of “My everything” album. Stuck with You is a single which stands different from the rest. Maybe the introduction of Justin Bieber gives this song an emotional lift but whatever Ariana did really did worked for her. Ariana blew into the music scene with her good love music based songs, but “Sweetener” album and “Thank you next” album was never of same quality with “My everything” album. However, releasing this song titled “Stuck with you” is a right direction to rediscovering her real sound. Justin who have always maintained good quality control of his lyrics just helped Ariana create another good love song. Even though Kehlani released a really good album same weekend, this song still stands out. The beat and arrangement of this song may sound churchy but it is just one other good love song.


The song talks about a lady who finally decided to settle for a particular guy. Ariana opens up the song by stating that she is not the type of lady who manages relationship. Claiming that she does not know how to tolerate nonsense in relationships, she states that she only give just one room for misbehavior. Agreeing that it is crazy to breakup with a guy because of one mistake is crazy, she claims she does it because she does not have time for such things. But she acknowledges that since she has have been with her recent partner, that she has not been let down by him. Hence he has always found her sleeping by his side every morning when he wakes up. In the pre-chorus and chorus, Ariana sings about having a lot of time in her hands because she cleared all her engagements for the period. In an invitation to love making, she tells her lover to lock the door and throw the keys away. Declaring that she cannot fight the feeling of love anymore, she realizes that she is stuck with this new guy. Going on, she outlines issues that made her leave the previous relationship like: excessive arguments and fights. In her words, even those excessive fights will not change her because she is stuck with him.

Ariana Grande Stuck with You Review

The second verse is taken by Justin Bieber and he sings the part of her male partner. He opens his verse by affirming that there is no other place he will like to be apart from being with her. According to him, trying to deal with her will allow him know her better even if it means for life. Claiming that there is no one else he plans to date. He declares that if she told him the world is ending, then he will rather spend that time with her. He repeats the pre-chorus and chorus sang by Ariana to also affirm his love for her. The bridge which is also the last verse of the song has Justin and Ariana sing alternatively. Justin tells Ariana to come spend all his time. Ariana responds by telling him that he can do those things that makes her loose her mind because they are stuck with each other.


The first song that comes to mind when this song is played is The Weekend’s 2014 mega hit jam titled “Earned it”. Characterized by same electronic guitars with echo and phaser sound filter pluging, the strings are pulled with same pattern. Although the cinematic sound effects of this beat is nothing compared what the Weekend producers did with his beat, what they have in common is the emotional sound base. The beat appeals to the emotions of the listeners. A sound which is characterized by orchestral sound has no octave string sounds because it is replaced by hymn piano keys. It creates a sound that has close relationship with a church beats. If listened to without the vocals, one can easily think the beat is for a choir ministration.

Ariana Grande Stuck with You Review

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