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Condor Season two Review

Condor season two was recently concluded in August 2020 and just like season one, it did not fail. Although the only spoiler in the season is that the absence of Leem Lubany’s character that was really fascinating in the first season. For people who do no not know what the TV series condor is all about, let us do a refresher course.


The story is a about a young CIA analyst: Joseph Turner, who works in a small CIA cell. Being a computer genius, he creates a computer program that profiles people randomly. If they had connections marching with his profile algorithm of regular terrorist, they arrest such individuals. Unknown to him some top officials in the CIA who wanted to play God, hijacked the program and used it to set up what would have wiped out the whole Muslim community in the world.

Joseph Turner which is played by Max Irons has to find a way to fix what he blindly started. Just like normal CIA movies, people died and of cause he had regrets. Joe as he is popularly called lost his best friend who was also a part of the “kill all muslim” conspiracy. He also lost a lady he was about to date while he was trying to protect himself from being killed after he was framed for multiple deaths. And the demons of his wrong choices and mistakes chased him into the second season

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Joe being on self-inflicted exile get jolted back to life when his uncle who doubles as his mentor in the CIA died and one of his assets came calling. What looked like saving a double agent from people looking for him, turns into another war. Just like season one, when Joe thought he was fighting against the Islamic world and later found out that the CIA was his enemy; Same thing happens but with a different decoy. In season two it was all about the Russians serving as the decoy.


Unlike season one that the standout character was a female sharpshooting and cold hearted Gabrielle Joubert character portrayed by Leem Lubany, the standout character of this season is Tracy Crane. Unlike Gabrielle who is a hit woman sent by a section of the CIA to protect the dirty plan against the Islamic work; Tracy Crane is a double agent who have been betraying the United State of America to the Russians.

Tracy Crane which is played by Eric Johnson is a low keyed character that is very calculative and manipulative. He believes in controlling the narratives in the minds of people within and around his mission. He kills when needed but tries to keep his hands clean as possible. In his obscure and relatively evil mind, Tracy thinks he can redeem himself from the espionage well which he gradually dug for himself. Sometimes you might want to pity him but he as hardhearted like any villain in any movie. Eric Johnson did a good job of playing this character.


Rating the stories on scale of 1-10, one can say is a standard five. This is because for someone who is used to many espionage and spy movies, he or she may be interested in the series but not totally glued to the series.

Condor Season two Review

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