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Katy Perry Smile Album Review

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson at the age 35 has matured a lot in her music production process. Although many people may not really have time to listen to this album, she produced some of the best songs in terms of quality in 2020 so far. Katy made songs from different life issues as she has lived and observed it. This album can be said to be a document of motivation for people who have been through ups and down. Since Katy is a lady, she tells more of her stories from the angle of a lady who have been through different phases of her life and has kept working hard to stay afloat.

The album is an album that anyone who is passing through troubles can just pick up and play from time to time. “Teary eyes”, “Not the End of the World” and “Resilient” are songs that will really pick people out of their sorrow and give them a direction. Songs like the ones made by Katy Perry are song that only people who have been in their lowest place could make. She really poured out her heart in nice lyrical poetry.


The songs in the album are built around the struggles of a woman trying to stay afloat in life. Katy Perry uses her pop, Electronic dance music and RnB songs to tell different life stories. The first song in the album is titled “Never really over”. The song talks about a relationship that she has with her ex-lover. According to her they have spent two years apart and kissed goodbye. But to her surprise it has been two years and they still exchange text. Although she claimed the relationship was a total mess, she admits that it was the best relationship she ever had. She finishes off by declaring that she needs therapy to help her get over loving her ex. According to her the relationship she thought was over was not really over.

“Teary Eyes” is a song that motivate people who are heartbroken because of an emotional issues. She tells them to dance and forget their story. She admonishes them to keep dancing with the teary eyes because they will soon overcome that heart break and move on. In another motivation song titled “Resilient”, she uses her life and some very dope poetry to tell people that she is resilient. In one of her soul soaking words, she tells tell people that just like a plant, people tried to poison the water that she uses to water herself. She claimed that they also built a wall over her so that she does not see the sunlight. But declares that because she is resilient that she broke through from the cracks on the wall and made it. “Not the End of the World” is a motivational song for the failing and one hindered by life circumstances. She tell everyone going through a rough patch that what they are facing is not the end of the world but a rout to better life.

In one of the groovy RnB songs on the album, she sings about going on a road trip with her lover. Titling the song “Harleys in Hawaii”, she tell her lover to take out time in the summer and take her on a ride at “Harleys in Hawaii”. Declaring her love for him, she claims that she feels safe with and around him. “Cry about it later” is a song many people who have been to a club to drown themselves in alcohol and music. In this song Katy sings about clubbing and drinking to forget the sorrows of the moment. She states that she can cry about her problems the next day, but according to her she wants to enjoy the moment.

In a song that is more of a reflection song, she pours her heart out in a song that she titles “Only love”. In the song she listed out things that she would do if she knew that she had only one day more to live. According to her she will make peace with everybody and tell them to give her their love. According to her she wants to take only love with her when she dies and leave the hate behind in the world. In summary the album is more of the reflections of a mature lady who have been through ups and downs.

Katy Perry Smile Album Review

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