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Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo also known as Dbanj was one of the notable forces in Nigerian Afrobeats Dance hall music in Mid-early 2000s but has been having a pulse kind of carrier for a while. Dbanj shake it song could serve as jump start to a new era of consistency after some real dark times he has had recently. Dbanj has also had one thing that separates him from other musicians in Nigeria and that is the musical personnel he has as a ladies man.  He creates music that makes him portray himself as a flirt with ladies and featuring Nigeria’s biggest female export at present was a right chess move.  Tiwa Savage has been having a roller coaster ride since 2017 releasing hit back to back to every sound she has been on. This song is sure going to add to the list of power dance hall sound that she already has in her library and it is Dbanj who wins more on this sound.

People might argue that Tiwa is a lucky lady because she got featured by Dbanj but that is not true. Dbanj is the one having a lifesaving hand from Tiwa. Dbanj has not had a street viral hit in while because of the media and the way his break up with friend and business partner happened. The media made it look like Dbanj was the dark horse of the whole brake up creating a kind of popular hatred for his sound and music. Tiwa on the other hand came from the hoods of London and began dominating Nigerian music and has not made any real mistake apart from her choice of  husband. She has grown in leaps and bounds and has grown more influence just as Dbanj’s influence dwindled. Giving Dbanj sixteen bars of her vocals might just give Dbanj a viral jam at the best timing of the year.


The song is all about a typical Nigerian male flirt who wants to have fun. Dbanj opens the song as a guy that sees a lady in a club and initiates a conversation with her. He appreciates the body of the lady as one that is stunning. He declares that he will like to get down the dance floor with her because she has a rocking body. He flatters her with words and tells her to shake her backside for daddy on the dance floor. He  tells her to let loose and forget about what her mum will say. Just like any flirt will do in their moment of flattery, Dbanj goes on to entice the lady with his luxurious lifestyle. He tells her that he came in a Lamborghini and if she rides with him to his hotel condo; then she will know the real him and she will feel it was the fictional movie star Django that picked her up.

In response to the various flattery words spoken by the flirt; Tiwa Savage takes the role of the lady and give a positive reply.  She acknowledges that he wants her. She agrees to get down with him too, however she tells him to lay low and behave like a gentle man if he want to get a lady like her.


The running beat which has a kick dropped for every step of the beat is something anybody will like to dance to. Spells and Tiwa have been creating some smoking tunes since last year and this is toms up for Spells again. One notable instrument used by Spells is the slayer guitar which serves as the solo tenor during the chorus. Dancers and choreographers are always going to be driven into space with that instrument because of the way it is introduced in the second chorus. The Percussion of this beat  is drawn from Afrobeats and Makosa sounds. The snares and kick provides the makosa feel while the shekere (shakers) and the triangle sound provides the afrobeats sounds. This beats also has some very good transition from verse to chorus which is the life blood of any African Party Jam.



Judging from the teaser of the music video that was released, it seems the Dbanj team did not take this song to the club. And argument in favour of taking it to a club is necessary. This is in order because of the content of the lyrics, the beat and the personality of the musicians in this song. The Koko master should take the video to the club and blow the dance floor with various African dance styles from shaku shaku to Makosa.

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