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Enemy Best Friend Review

Partying is good, turning up jams are great but songs like this new release from Faze reminds us of what music is. The popular saying of “music is the food for the soul” was said because of songs like this. Faze who has had a musical carrier that that has spanned over two decades have always found a way of balancing crazy and sense. From releasing “Kolomental” to “Originality” or “Need Somebody” to “Lovina”, Faze have always shown that making sense in music is still his watchword. Enemy Best Friend is one song that is good for meditation.

Although songs like this one may not make it into the playlist of many, the song is a real song for the world to hold on to. There are enemies everywhere and everyone needs this song to givenhim/her that reality check every time.


The song is a direct plea to God to protect one from friendly enemies. Faze who personalizes the musical prayer begs God to save him from bad friends and wrong hands. Opening the song with the preceding prayer, he begs God to help him notice those friendly enemies that are after him. He also prays that he (God) helps him counter their plans because his enemy could be his best friends. Faze finishes the powerful chorus by stating that: It is someone that is familiar with one that has to access to harm. He declares that a stranger cannot harm one.

In the first verse he claims that Fake friends could be loyal and friendly in one’s presence; and become back stabbing enemies. According to him, friendly enemies do not want people who are progressing via grace to be fat and flourishing. He alleges that they will always want one’s grace to dry out. In a pre-chorus he sings about such friendly enemies getting vexed up because his blessing are running over. He also claims that they have always wanted him to drown in the issues of life. He however thanks God that he has been able to overcome those odds even in the presence of those friendly enemies.

Enemy Best Friend Review

In second verse he goes on to enumerate the characteristics of Enemy Friends. He talks about enemy friends being fake and never original. He explains that they are always setting pitfalls and death traps for their supposed friends. Furthermore, he calls them fake friends hiding in tortoise shells. According to him, their fake nature always disguises them such that it takes only God’s grace to decode them. He finishes the verse with a words of prayer by declaring that those fake friends will fall into their own traps.


DJ Qubegram did an extensive work in the sequencing of the beat of this song. Attention was given to every part of the song. The Intro, body and outro of the song was given special attention. This can be clearly seen in the uniqueness in the different percussion lines of the chorus and verses. There is also a clear attention given to the transition.

A song which is originally an RnB song has Qubegram mix elements of Reggae, Soft Rock and some orchestral strings. The transition drum rolls are basically Reggae. The chorus rhythmic keys was played with a basic grand piano but was played like the strings of a soft rock music. The orchestral strings was used to provide an underlying sound colour. In all the song is a total package of good professionalism and a settled heart in making music.

Enemy Best Friend Review

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