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Joeboy has obiviousely broke the screen covering his shine and that means a lot of airplay for him. Every artist who becomes a listers choice always passes through this stage. The stage where every song you make is magical to the ears. He is obviously at that stage in his carrier and he is milking every drop of the glory. Joeboy Call is another song that will get any crowd dancing. It can become a hit or just another song from the shelf.

Joeboy has within the past one year defined the type of sound he makes. He and Fireboy DML are two artist who have decided to create sounds that are dominated by afrobeats shekere. This piece of instrument when played with a kick and snare always gives vibrations to human legs. This beat style will keep fans dancing for a while. But in the near future, fans will get bored with Joeboy if he does not mix up things. However Joeboy Call is a good everyday day song. Nothing is spectacular but can be added to any Afropop playlist.


This is a love song like most afropop songs made in recent times. He uses this song to tell his lover how exceptional she is to him. In his words, he tell her that anytime she calls on him, he will answer her just like a driver pulled over. In the first verse, he opens up the song by asking his lover why she is confusing him. Applauding and complementing her body, he tells her she is very attractive and hypnotizes him like magic. In a heart to heart promise to her, he tells her they will never fade away because he is in the relationship to stay.

In the second verse he paints a picture of him and his lady going out for a party. In his words even with the crazy party atmosphere of smoking, drinking and dancing with strangers, he promises to always be by her side. He promises to protect and keep preying eyes from her. He also reaffirms that their love will not fade away with time.


A song which is made with a mix of ponpon snare rim, kicks and afrobeats shekere is just basic afropop. Basic because just like every afropop sound it has a lead electronic guitar parttern and suiting baseline. However, the baseline is not the usual analog strings as used in Afro-fusion. But was sequenced using cellos and detuned or deformed saw baselnes. The detuned/deformed saw is used to create the bump for the beat while the cellos are used to provide a transition depth for the sound. It is a simple beat that was probably made in few hours. This beat parttern has been used by Joeboy in more than five songs. It might become boring to listeners or become his imprint and type of music.


Joeboy should make a video of him been pulled over by a female cop. They can develop the scenes to include some party scenes with this set police lady becoming his official date and eventual lover. It will make for a relatively interesting video.

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