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Miley Cyrus Prisoner Review

Miley Cyrus is fast becoming another lady who makes songs out of her breakup story. Normally when the topic of breakup stories in music are talked about, the only name that quickly comes to mind is Taylor Swift. But fast forward to 2020 and you have Miley making song about break up. After her short lived marriage, Miley have fallen in to the web of making love music that are influenced by her divorce from her ex-husband. She might argue that she does make music that reflects her position as a human. But unconsciously she has reflected it in her recent projects.

Recently Miley have not really had the kind of influence like she had in her Hanna Montana days. Something had to be done-hence featuring a raining power artiste like Dua Lipa was a right call. Although the brand of pop music which they made is not really commercial these days, they gave it their best. The music is more of an 80s/90s pop sound which is no longer in vogue. Pop music of today have gradually evolved into Electronic Dance music (EDM) which is the genre Dua Lipa is well known for. This could affect the popularity of the song outside of the UK and the US. Because the young demographic outside of these regions will not appreciate the sound.

With the above being said, Dua and Miley combo is a massive kill in the music industry hence she will get enough spotify and sound cloud sales. But in terms of popularity around the world, especially in Africa where we are reporting from, Prisoner might not become a hit song.


The beat makes one remember the good old days when Madonna was at her peak creating dope pop sound. The vocal prowess of Dua and Miley gives it the traditional pop feel. As for the percussion, the drum-line was kept simple just like another pop sound with a lot of background slayer strings and pad sounds. The bump is given with the usual baseline guitars creating a regular old feeling to the sound.


The song talks about being a prisoner of a love she once had. Miley opens up the song with a rendition of the chorus by telling her ex-lover that she is a prisoner of his love. According to her she has tried so many times to free her mind from his love but have failed. She finishes of the chorus by asking him why he has refused to let her go.

The first verse has Dua Lipa sings about the struggles of getting over her ex-lover. According to her she cannot seem to control her feelings because she sees his face in her ceiling. She claims to have tried to replace his thought but have always not been able to get over him. In a pre-chorus, Miley sings about him allowing her go free but claims that she have not been able to run away because of him. She finishes off by asking again why can’t he just let her go mentally.

The second verse has Miley sings about missing what they shared every now and them. She adds by declaring that she cannot live without it and asks him why he can’t just set her free from this mental Prison.

The story line of the song makes the song interesting to listen to from start to finish.

Miley Cyrus Prisoner Review

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