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I had goosebumps watching this movie because it actually brought back good old memories of how much I love games then. So much that my Mum broke at least 3 terminator games of mine #Lol.


Anyways, Mortal Kombat is an amazing movie with fantastic story and superb CGI. Action from the beginning till the end. The story is about MMA fighter Cole who is chosen to be Earth’s greatest champions in order to stand against the enemies of out world in a high stakes battle for the universe.


Though they failed to synchronize the story of how a lone survivor who is a female turns to be a male champion after few scenes. Even if the female lone survivor gave birth to the male champ, it should be detailed in the story. Another goof is when Cole wanted to fight in the ring and his hand is being wrapped, there was no pad in it but when he tapped out to defeat, his hand was padded.


MORTAL KOMBAT REVIEW It’s a good watch and I’ll rate it 7/10.

GbengaAdene #sayyourmind

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