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Patoranking Three Album

In 2019 when Patoranking released his Wilmer album, it was clear he lacked the understanding of what it means to release an album. The album was filled with songs that could have been hit songs if they were released as separate projects. That affected the album because songs like “Lege lege” and the spoken poetry in the album was a total miss. It could turn off the energy of any listener. Also the album concealed Patoranking’s area of strength which was dance hall Reggae genre. There was all types of genre in that album and that affected listeners because they did not know the man they were listening to.

In this album titled “Three”, Patoranking went back to the drawing board and it is evident in the twelve songs on the project. The sound mood of the album was the same from the start to finish. Although the lyrical theme was different for some songs, he made more of love songs. If this album is appreciated more than Wilmer, one will not be surprised by it exploits.

The reason for the above assumption is: Patoranking kept his sound simple and close to the reggae tune. Even when the beat is not a Jamaican influenced sound, he uses the Jamaican influenced vocals to deliver his vocal. Working with some of the best hands in Africa, from Sauti Sol, Flavour, to Tiwa Savage, Patoranking was very careful in putting round pegs in round hole. The album is a real proper Nigerian/African project which could go place. Although it may just saturate in Africa, the album is definitely a total upgrade from Wilmer Album. If well promoted, at least five songs could become international songs.


The album is themed on love messages. Although he switches his messages in “Lion in the Jungle”, he makes a really good love oriented album. The album can be said to have been created with three basic genre of music. They are Afropop, Dance hall Reggae and pop music.

“Black girl Magic” is the one and only pop song on the album and has Patoranking employ the service of DJ Coublon. The song celebrates the beauty, character and love of an African lady. He uses his lyrics to elaborate on the beauty and effect of African women on people. The song which sounds like songs makes in the 80s has all the elements of a groovy pop jam.

In Reggae dance hall influenced songs, Patoranking created songs like “Brrr”, “Lion in the Jungle” and “Love is the answer”. Lion in the Jungle is a song that talks about his motivation to make it in life. Revealing that what he told his mum regarding his life choices was his natural push force. He calls himself a lion in the jungle hence he is always determined to win in life. He finishes off by claiming that failure is not an options hence he works hard not to go back to his former life.

“Love is the Answer” is a song that he uses to talk about the issues of hate around the world. He claims that love is the only thing that can make the world function. “Brr” is a song that he used to tell a girl he met in a club to go spend some quality time with him in his house.

Working with the modern high-life music pop star in the person of Flavour, he created a song titled “Mon bebe”. The song which is a mid tempo ponpon beat is song that has both igbo and south African choir spice to it. He uses the song to celebrate the love between him and his lover. The song which is void of kicks is just like choir ministration but meant for a lady.

Patoranking created a possible party shutter in the song titled “Yo Body”. The song talks about getting blown away by the body physic of a beautiful African lady. He tells the lady to bring her body to him. The song which blends RnB sequence sound with Caribbean sound flavor is really a club banger.

In a ponpon beat, Patoranking works with Tiwa Savage. The song is a song that paints a picture of a man asking a lady out. Making declaration of love to each other they created a really good club puller. Another cub puller is a song that he features Sauti Sol. The song which is influenced by reggae dance hall talks about that is perfect for ladies to whine to. It is a really club puller.

In summary, the album is a great album when you compare it to Wilmer. Patoranking Three Album

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