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Simi No longer beneficial

The act of writing songs and remaining relevant in music is the ability to tell stories with music. Normally when a musician lacks stories to tell, after a while of making a buzz with his or her music, the music and fame dies down-because there is nothing to listening to in the song. But when a musician has different stories to tell in songs, people will always want to listen to the song.

Simi is one musician who has stayed true to her diversified sound and lyrics. In ten songs from Simi, you will find at least five distinct stories. In this song titled “No longer beneficial”, Simi tells a story from a very different love perspective. Normally with many love songs in the world people might get bored listening to love songs but the perspective Simi sings it from is totally different angle.

Another positive about Simi’s music is a diversified sound. Since Simi broke into the music scene, she has been perfectly mixing ballad and afropop in a unique way. This is another song that has that touch of poetry and the subtle flow of Nigerian Afropop music. Simi cannot do anything wrong with her sound because when she may have a flaw with the sound, she makes it up with good stories in her lyrics. Simisola is a class artist and her music is not bored to listen to.


The song is about a lady who is enjoying her youthful age and does not want to commit to any serious relationship or marriage. The background of the song has Simi sing from the perspective of a lady who has just been proposed to by her lover. Unknown to this lover of hers, she was not into the relationship for a lifelong commitment in marriage. She was just into the relationship for sex and a little level of companionship. In other words they were more of friends with benefits than lovers.

Opening up the song with a mixture of soul and ballad music; she sings by asking her supposed friend with benefits why he is getting too serious with the relationship. According to her they already had the conversation of whether they are going to get serious or not with their relationship goals. In a refrain, she tells him not to mess up the friendship that they have by asking for more in the form of marriage or a serious relationship. She tells him that she is not ready to get into such seriousness in her life- highlighting that she might be ready in 2021.

In a pre-chorus, she explains in details why she cannot get into such commitments. Simi sing that that she might disappoint him if she allows herself to get into something serious with him. According to her she just wants to enjoy life and the moment; but laments that the friendship she has with this fellow is no longer beneficial because he want more. She opens up the chorus by explaining that this friend of hers said he wants to be her lover and companion forever. She finishes off by stating emphatically that she does not have room for love or relationship as they speak.

The second verse has Simi break the heart of her lover even further. She opens up by asking her friend how he would deal with his heart problems because she was not in any way ready to fall in love or be in a relationship or marriage. She wrecks his heart even more by stating that she does not love or see him in that way. She begs him to leave her alone before he looses respect to her. She begs him to take his love elsewhere because she does not want to spoil his love memories with her lack of commitment.

Simi No longer beneficial

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