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Cheque Zoom Review

Penthauze records which is owned by Phyno is a record label which does not have a very high influence in the market like YBNL but when the name Cheque came into cillacritic studio, we immediately wanted to know more. So as it is Cheque whose real name is Akambi Bamidele Brett is a rapper who is signed to the Phyno owned record label. Already releasing an EP titled: Razor under the record label, Cheque have not really blown in to the Nigerian musical mainstream. However this your man of twenty-five years has a unique sound.

Rap music have evolved in recent years and for any real follower of rap music, he or she will understand that the new age Afrocentric rap is the rap style that has been more commercial.  Promoted heavily by Drake, Roddy Ricch between 2019 and 2020 has made the sound one of the most loved. New age Afrocentric rap which is a subtle blend of Rap rhymes and singing is a style of rap which is very commercial in the United States. This rap style allows people who cannot move with the regular punch lines and flows of rappers to sing along.

Since the style broke from Kanye, Lil Wayne, Drake and now Roddy Ricch, no Nigerian Rapper have been able to craft his sound like in that way. However, Cheque have been able to do that in the song he titles “Zoom”. The song could be looped into any of Roddy Ricch’s songs because of the similarities in sound and delivery. The trap beat that is associated with it makes it sound like a song made by 6lack but a brand that is more dominated by rap. The song has a really good message and we all in the studio are feeling the sound.


“Zoom” is a song that talks about how one should deal with bad energy and haters. According to Cheque he claims that when he is confronted with bad energy and haters that all he does is leave them. In his words he states that he will “zoom”. He opens up the song by stating that when they try to hold him or infect him with negative vibes that all he will do is zoom off like an automobile. According to him he does not have to try to change the vibe or energy of the person radiating the bad energy. Instead he will just leave the person to glory in his bad vibes and energy while he is breaking new grounds.

The first verse has him talk about his motivation and why he does not allow negative energy bring him down. According to him it has been a long time since he started hustling to get where he is. Explaining that going through the ups and downs of life has built up his confidence over time, he adds that he trends with caution. In his words if you don’t move with caution, when people see you flying, they will like to clip your wings. He however adds that he does not slow down his hustle because he wants to make more money till he is able to sag his jeans. But according to him while he is trying to make something out of himself, he watches the people who come around him because he does not want bad energy and hate. According to him, he only allows congratulatory messages into his zone.

The second verse has Cheque sing about always being on the road pursing his aims and goals. He brags about being able to do whatever he puts his mind to do. Declaring that there are so many people envy and would love to live the way he lives, he claims he lives the five star life. He states these people only envy because that all they can do. Furthermore he states that these haters do not love him like he does himself and as a result they are clueless of what he is unto. He declares that when he is confronted with such kind of people that all he does is zoom zoom zoom.

Cheque Zoom Review

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