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Grew up to understand music is made of two dominating genres which are Hiphop and RnB. Over the years that I have followed music closely, there has been different waves of good rappers. These gentlemen and ladies have kept rap poetry and rhymes relevant by making good music. In some ways, the very good once have immortalized their selves in the music world with the dope lyrics and beats they have made. These beats which they flowed their rhymes has over time evolved from boom bass sounds to Trap music which created some kind of limitation for Rappers who could not evolve. Listening to the Young Sinatra IV album; all I could deduct from his work is that he has come to give a definite statement about his intentions for all the rappers of his generation. Logic showed the world that he has the talent, ability and creativity to flow on any beat without trying to mumble his way through tight bars. He show the likes of the Kendricks, Big Seans, Coles and mumble rappers that he can flip rap to suit any kind of beat. In YSIV Album Review I will try my best to explain how he did it.

The YSIV album was produced to have the same musical elements that rap music made between late 80s and 90s. It was made with a typical drum machine excluding any form of trap music hi-hat. Logic and his partner in crime, “6ix” made songs which naturally should not be sold or popular in this era. That been said, I can state definitely that these song has everything that massive hit album could ever have. Logic just gave his competition some food for thought because he has diversified his sound. If rappers of his generation sit back without diversifying their sound through hard work and creativity; I can postulate that he will surely take the market, money, fans and awards.


This album is anchored on three basic ideas which are: Self projection, creativity and thanksgiving. Listening to the songs in the album, I could hear a musician who has confidence and understanding that he is been heard and people are loving what he has to say. Logic does this by being very creative with the choice of beat that he uses to project these new found confidence to his fans. In as much as he has the new confidence and trust in his abilities; he still gives thanks to God and shoulders that helped him achieve the dreams he is living now.

Logic dogged into old boom bass sounds producing music void of any form trap flavor. Working closely with his trusted producers “6ix”, they made some hardcore boom bass sounds that is relevant for this age. “Everybody Dies” is song that has a steady beat that sounds like it is made from the 707 and 808 drum machines. Just as he uses this beat, he talks about himself in a new kind of confidence that could scare anybody if he was using these lines he used in a rap battle. In “the Return” he talks about making it out of the hood he was. He also takes a swipe on mumble rappers while proclaiming himself as one of the best rappers alive.

“The Glorious Five” has Logic flowing his rap in a funk beat with a wonderful party grooving vibe. He continues with the stories of his struggles in the hood and how he self-motivated himself to success. In the song “One Day” he talks about improving himself as a human and as a musician. The funk beat continues in the song “100 miles and Running” with a local band feel to it. The guitars used in the production of this song stands out giving it a feel of a music band playing in a local street party. He goes after mumble rappers in his song “Wu Tang forever”, using some of the best gang star rap vibe to make good music. Listening to this song you will agree with me that the new movement in the Rap music industry is restoring rap music values and character.

In summary, this album has very good messages which are sent in beautiful lyrics, rhymed with some of the best beats we have heard this year. It has creativity, nice production, fun, sweet stories and vibe that can make any rap legend both living and dead proud. The truth is that this album might not gain real time on the billboard. This is because this album can only be loved by people who know how rap games was done in the 80s and 90s. This album may not be for people who are below 18years of age because most of the songs they know are the popular mumble rap.


It is hard to pick flops in this album because these songs have almost same standards and should be listened to. The reason for this is because all the songs have a message in it that most people can relate with.  Although some of the beats may be boring like the one used to flow the song “Legacy”; in contrast of that on can relate to the message of the music. This album should have Grammy nominations because it has every quality a Grammy song or album should have.


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