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Some months back, Ja rule and Asanti who are both veterans in American RnB music made a song which was supposed to make people remember old times and the good music made back then. The song turned out to be a bad jam because of the bad beat, arrangement and chorus. However for this Busta Rhymes’ Jumpin song; one can vibe to an old school song with some “real stew” like Nigerians will say. This song is produced using some late 90s and early 2000s sauce which makes it stand out. This is a sound made with close relationship to boom bass and RnB. It is created for anybody to sit down, relax and enjoy. It has this recreational feel to it that anybody can use it to unwind after a very hard day’s job.

Since the days of Tupac and Bigi, and most recently, Ja Rule; the music industry have not really witnessed or received a song that has a male and a female converse in a rap song. The closest that was mad was R. Kelly vs Usher “Same girl” song. In this song Busta takes his song to a conversation level which is just epic.


Busta used this song to tell a story about his visit to a club house on a certain day. Using words, he paints the picture of how the day was. He explains that as he was about to get into the club, he meets a young pretty lady and as a sleek guy he introduces himself. He adds that while they exchanged pleasantries; he then attempted to flirt a little with her. Giving him the green light, the lady complemented him also stating that he also looked nice. Just like an opportunist, this lady goes from being the person been flirted with to being the flirt. She asks Busta if she could accompany him into the club. He labels the girl lucky because she was a female and as a flirt, he felt he just won a jackpot. So he agrees to let her join him in the club. Busta reveals that the way he was behaving around the girl was supposed to make any girl get angry. However this lady claims that she can’t get angry with him because he (Busta) looks like a rich man from Africa.

The twist in the story begins when they get into the club and like any flirt will do; Busta started spending money just to impress the lady. His idea was to make the girl fall for him so that he could at least invite her home or to his hotel room. According to Busta after spending and popping bottles in the club, this set lady brought out the “gold digger” spirit in her. She tells Busta that she may look rich but the problem was that she left her purse in the car because it does not look good on her outfit. She tells him that she will like to go get the purse. Busta being a sharp man understood that the lady wanted to run from him after making him spend so much. He gets angry and begins to tell the lady to stop the game. He understood that the lady wanted to con him and he was not going to allow it. He reveals that the scenario soon became a very heated argument before he knew what was going on; the corps arrived and escalated the issue even to the point that a firm marshal was needed.


The slow tempo sound Boom Bass sound is made using simplicity as the watchword. The percussion is made from pure drum machine sound with the basic rhythmic principle of producing a hiphop beat. The snare, hi-hats and kick are consistently repeated in same pattern from start to finish with few hooks in intervals.

Other elements such as the Bass guitar sound and lead keys are also repeated with the same pattern from start to finish. The production of this song was not about the beat but the content of lyrics


Busta Rhymes from onset has always made music with sense but people never really understand him. This song will be clearer for people to understand if a video that visualizes the story is made. However Busta can skip being the focus of the song and use different actors in making the video. Making it look hilarious will also fly with a large population.

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