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. She is like the mythical queen of Zazzau of ancient Zaria in Nigeria who fought wars and won although in the case of Aretha; she fought against an unstable childhood and early motherhood and won. She fought against limitation in the music industry and won. She fought against societal imbalance and discrimination and won. She wrote her name in the gold book of humans that lived, loved and achieved everything they could wish for. My prayers are with her family; Rest on Queen of Soul Music.

Author Cilla blog

I hope life treats you well, And I hope you have all you need, And I am wishing Joy and Happiness, But above all things, I wish you love...

Whitney Huston

Fela was so controversial that critics in Nigeria which are mostly the consumers of his music are usually divided. Watching a documentary, of him some time back and judging from what he says and his actions, I understood that Fela is a man who did what he wants. He also did it the way he wants, which may sound reckless to some but to some a beaming example of discipline to others.

Controversial Fela, Disciplined Fela