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Erigga Jollof Rice Review

The world is a place where people will always want you to please them. But the reality of life is that humans cannot be satisfied or pleased. Most times many people who go looking for people’s approval by pleasing them most times ends in tears and disappointment. Erigga uses this song to tell people not to please people to the detriment of their own life. In this three minutes twenty-three seconds track, Erigga uses his bars to reflect on what he has been observing about people since he became famous.

This song should be a prescription to people who are always looking for people’s approval. It is the drug they need to remind them of that one cannot please everybody. As usual, Duncan Mighty provide a wonderful hook for the bars that Erigga spits. Songs like this rarely makes it to the top but we sincerely wish that it makes it to the top because a lot of people need this song.


Jollof Rice, a Nigeria delicacy made by mixing Boiled Rice and Tomato sauce is a generally loved meal in Nigeria and the world. Jollof Rice approval around the world is boundless hence its adoption as the number one party food in Nigeria. Unlike Jollof Rice, humans cannot be generally accepted by all in their life endeavors. The song opens up with an intro from Duncan Mighty. The first word of advice he speaks is in parables. He states that an airplane does not need to be advertised. Because people who want to buy them are not regular people. Erigga picks up with his verse by talking about So-called fans opinions, comment and silly question to him. He claims that they ask him silly questions such as: is he high on drugs or broke because he is not wearing expensive kits. Furthermore he claims that they ask him why he does not feature big artists like Burnaboy even though he claims they are friends with him.

Erigga Jollof Rice Review

Still on the silly and annoying question people ask him about his life; he claims that people ask him about his choice of living location. He claims they also ask him why he does not spend a large budget on his music videos. Talking about giveaways, he claims that many people have been asking him why he does not distribute free cash online just like other celebrities. Outlining that people who claim to be fans have problems with almost everything he does, he declares that if he tries to satisfy everyone that he will not be able to add a chorus to the song he is making. Because the list of people asking and expecting things, action and life style from him are endless.

The second verse of the song has Erigga direct his attention to family expectation and how he has been pressured on different occasion. Just like in the first verse where he gives a list of expectations from fans, he also gives a list of people who claim to be his family. He talks about relatives who come begging him for money. Furthermore he talks about family members who keep monitoring his movement around the world- complaining about what he does or not. In a direct shot back to those people claiming to be family members, he tells them that they should get off his way. According to him, back in the days when he was playing with his life no body lent him a helping hand. Highlighting his experience when he first took his hustle to Lagos state, he claims that many people did not help him out. He finishes off by claiming that if his late friend “Hope” was alive, then he would have been able to tell the world the story behind his hustle. Hence he declares that he is not like the Party Jollof Rice that pleases everybody.

The last verse has Erigga summarizes and give the reason he has been highlighting the issues he spoke of in the first two verse. He declares that he is not jollof Rice that pleases people because he does not have the capacity. Using the betrayal of Jesus by Peter as an example, he claims that when things are good, people will always be around but but runaway when it turns bad. He admonishes people to work to please themselves only because people burnout when they try to please everyone.

Erigga Jollof Rice Review

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