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In 2009-2011 when Nigerian Rap Hiphop music was in its golden age, many young men ventured into the deathly forest of Rap Music. Few made Global fame, some made national fame but some very few made street fame. One of them is the man called Erigga also known as Paper boy. Named Erhiga Agarivibie at birth, Erigga became popular with his raw street vibes and vocals. He became the bad boy of Nigerian hiphop music. From steady rhymes to crazy punchlines-were the Jewries that Erigga used to cloth his music. Erigma 2 is a sequel of Erigma 1 which was a major hit in the streets. Using Nigerian Pigin language, Erigga brought back the street sauce and can sure be understood by most Nigerians who do not understand English Language.

Note: This album speaks the truth about the street life from a hustling street child, Teenager and Youth. It is explained in some of the realest and craziest raw language. Therefore care must be given to playing the songs in this album where immature minds are. Erigma 2 is a toxic truth of street life in Nigerian ghettos


Erigma 2 is an album of the street, telling stories of Ghettos in Nigeria with its setting set in Warri Nigeria. It talks about loyalty, love, Snitches, Cheating, Police assault, self believe and persistence in what one does. I am totally thrown away by the sound and the message that Erigga has cooked up with his sound.

“Area People” is a song that I love because of the punchlines that Erigga released at Environmental snitches. He raps about neighbors who call the police on their neighbors just because they are making money and living large. “Victims” talks about living a life that everyone is a victim of different circumstances. He claims that everybody is trying to make money hence there is always going to be clash of interest hence making everybody victims.

“Welcome to Warri” is a song that paints a picture of down town Warri. He Raps about women who peddle drugs and stimulants. He talks about street feuds and gang wars between cult groups. He talks about Warri having different areas which are known for different social vices. “Goodbye from Warri”, is a song that explores the place Erigga is coming from. He talks about being influenced by the vices of the street and people he grew up with. He declares that music and fame can take away some ill vices and he hope to continue facing the future leaving his past behind.  

Featuring MI and Sami in the song titled “The Erigma”, Erigga rap about the self-motivation, street snitches and music industry haters. He dishes this song out in some of the craziest lyrics which is best enjoyed by listening. “Street motivation” is a song which talks about trying to always motivate one’s self. He talks about life being like a game of cards that brings a lot of evil when you think you are winning. Talking about wising up in life and chasing ones goals in life, Erigga dishes out advices in the song titled Head pan. He talks about people who leave their life issues looking for cheap gossip from other people’s life.

Sami who has now come to the Knowledge of joined Erigga in another song titled “Hook up only”. The song sings of infidelity amongst ladies and gentlemen in Nigeria. Using some X-rated vocal, Erriga paints some of the clearest pictures in a groovy music. In another X-rated song titled “Cold weather”, Erigga raps about making love to a lady in a cold weather and also painting some very x-rated pictures with his dope lyrics. Erigga did a good and detailed job when it comes to his lyrics. It may be ill for kids but it is pure class.


An album which mixes Hardcore and Afropop beats weaved together with punchlines and verses is a total Nigerian Package. From ponpon sound in “Ayeme”, “Area to the World” and “My love Story” to some Caribbean influenced sound in “Hook up only”. Erigga and his producers used his verses to make their beats sound Hiphop when they are pure Afropop sounds that one can make a person grind.

Possible Hits and Flops

My personal best is “My love story”, I love the lady voice as it cloths Erigga’s Rap voice. Another song which could become a hit are “Hook up only”, “The Erigma”, “Cold Weather”, “Area to the World” and many more. Although most of these songs may not be radio friendly because of the x-rated lyrics, there is real potential in the Album.

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