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Read High off Life Album Review while listening to the tracks in the album below.

Da Baby, YoungBoy never broke again, Lil Uzi and Nav all made albums this year and they all have same thing in common. These artist that all had good commercial sales but did not have good creative messages in their lyrics. They all had good vibes but the lyrics were all made of recycled messages of being rich after coming from a humble beginning. MCs around the world have all made songs recycling messages but the creativity has always been different. This is not so for the aforementioned artist and even Future in his High off life Album. One other common thing about these artist and their albums are the ways it is easy to dance to their songs. This is because some of the vibes in the albums are really okay. This is why at cillacritic, we recommend that all mumble trap music rappers should be rated by their vibes.  Using the lyrics of a song on an album to rate a mumble rapper will be a total miss hence better attention should be given to the vibes (beats). Will-A-Fool is one producer who made this album thick and he needs to be applauded for his work. He provided the best vibes in this album.


The songs in this album talks about being poor and becoming rich and famous. It also talks about enjoying life to the fullest after going through the toughest phases of one’s life. The first song on the album which is titled “Trapped in the Sun” talks about the fleet of cars he has. Talking about the different cars in his garage, he claims the yellow Lamborghini is for when he is trapped in the sun. He goes on to talk about his rich lifestyle and drug use; and how his is a star/mentor to the young ones. “Touch the sky” is another song that talks about his rich life style. He claims to have been touching the sky because his credit and debit account are loaded. Working with Travis Scott they made another song of expensive lifestyle. They claim that they have always chosen money over women. Also working with YoungBoy Never Broke again, they made a song titled “Trillionaire”. The song talks about the attention they are having after making out of the slum. They claim that at the direction they are moving, that they might become trillionaires.

In one of the songs with the best vibes on this album titled “Too comfortable”, he raps about not being too comfortable with where one is and always striving for the best. “Accepting my Flaws” is a song that talks about how he tries to accept his flaws and demons. He claims to have always manned up and walked with his flaws like a church deacon. “Up the River” is a song that Future uses to rap about his take on haters. According to him, he does not really care if people roll with him. Declaring that he has people who could kill a hater and throw the hater into the river, he claims he does not care what the haters does. In summary, Future Raps about his new found life of riches and fame after going through a rough life in the hood. He does not tell a specific story but uses different words, phrases and sentences to describe his message.


Production has always been the unique thing of many mumble trap music rappers. And this was not different in the case of Future’s work. In this High off Life Album Review, attention just had to be drawn to the beats. Working with Will-A-Fool on the first song titled “Trapped in the Sun” was just classy. The intro to the music will always make people pause to listen to the song about to come on. Also the choice of starting the song with the hook was a very nice thinking. Will-A-Fool did not just stop there in terms of making a good beat, but also contributed a very good beat to the song titled “Up the River.” Will-A-Fool seems to really understand what it takes to make music for Future. With the type of beats he made, He was able to bring out the best out of future because the songs produced by him are the only real songs on the album. Southside and Vou worked with Future on “Too Comfortable” and that lead rhythmic pattern they used for the beat was just too unique not to mention. Anytime people hears those keys, they are going to get driven into the music. In summary more applauds have to be given to the producers who worked with him on this project. Southside, Vou, Teezyi, Wheezy, Will-A-Fool, TM88, Too, Yung, Dope, Brandon, Finessin and many more. They are the real owners of this album.


“Hi Tek Tek” and “Outer Space Bih” are flop songs because people will forget that a music is on when they are playing. All the songs that he features Trap mumble Rappers will be Hits because of the follower-ship of the squad. But the real hits of this album was made by “Will-A-Fool”. “Trapped in the Sun” and “Up the River” are relatively great songs that people are going to really love. “Too Comfortable” is another song that can become a hit if well promoted.

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