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Playing the album with a set Ofia stereo earpiece; it sounded boring on first play but when a musician has a reputation for making good music, one cannot help but try to listen with an inner ear giving more time to the listening and not judge. After careful attention to the music by listening to the beat and the messages in each song. There was just one conclusion that we at cillacritic could draw and that was: Boom Bass Logic is better than Trap Logic. Confessions of a dangerous Mind is good album but lacks the depth that his boom bass albums have.

Logic is no doubt a wonderful artist with so much story to tell especially with his rise to fame and fortune. However the delivery process in a Trap music might not just be his comfortable ground. Last year, he released the album titled Young Sinatra four (YSIV) and that album was off the hook. The beats, stories, rhyming and poetry was just so lit. One of the outstanding songs on that album was Street Dreams II; that song is a song anyone will love. It is in same category with songs like Eminem’s Framed. It is a song that has the potential of become an evergreen hit. But flip over to 2019 with the release of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and there is no song that can be in that category. One major reason for this is the limitations of steady rhyme pattern which most trap beats impose on an artist. However being a boom bass vocalist and lyrical monster just like J-cole and Kendrick; he was able to tweak some of the vocals. However that brought out the 90s Rapper in Logic hence diluting the trap sound.

One problem with this album is the flat message which the album has. It only talks about two major topic sentence. One is how he was able to break through the criticism; rising above it and becoming great. He talks about going through what other rappers go through and over dosed on drugs or became alcoholic. He claims that he became strong and became the best. He talked about people’s criticism and how they always tried to compare him to other rapper which he never wants.

The second major topic in this album is the self-praise and proclamation of being the best. That is not bad because most artist do that; but that’s just doing what other rap artist do. He brags about the money and lyrical prowess using as a source of motivation for youths and people who are under one kind of life huddle or the other. He uses his music to paint wonderful picture of hustle and how he made it.

The negative effect of these set of message is that these same stories where what he talked about in YSIV. And comparing the delivery of the songs in this album with YSIV shows a clear drop in quality which is not what Logic needs. Logic needs to keep making music with every song becoming a hit.  More song like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind will never give him that status. He has to do music which is comfortable with his rap style. He is a decent Trap Rap Artist but he has the potentials of becoming a great Boom Bass Rapper. Trap music is not his Strength; Boom Bass is.


“Commando” which features G-Eazy is one song that will make anyone dance with the easy going flows and beat. It is the best song in the album because it has Logic and G-Eazy making a cool party/drive time album. “Homicide” is also a good song because it has Logic and Eminem going ballistic on the mic. Eminem and Logic working on same song is like two musical scientist working in a musical lab and we are not surprised with the numbers they are racking up at “Cocaine” is another possible hit because of the lyrics and the simple chorus. It is one of the few songs that has been on replay at cillacritic HQ in Lagos Nigeria. “Still Balling” which features Wiz Khalifa also has the potential of becoming a Hit song if well promoted.

“Mama” is supposed to be a flop song but with the fusion of “Show Love” saved it. However it would been better if “show Love” was a full song. “Lost in Translation” is another flop song which could make anyone sleep even if the person has speaker place to his/her ears. Other songs in the album have the potential to become flops irrespective of the persons featured.

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