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Tory Lanez Daystar album review

The Canadian born rapper/RnB star, Tory Lanez (real name Daystar Peterson) opted for a self-titled album in his second album of 2020. What this meant is that he wanted to let us know where his energy has been flowing as a person. The DAYSTAR album did just that because he choose to hold back very little. Tory Lanez used this album to tell his own side of the story that almost got him incarcerated for attempted murder and illegal possession of fire arm. Tory Lanez was accused by Megan thee Stallion earlier on this year for being the gun man that shot her in the foot at a Kylie Jenner’s pool party back in July 2020. Although sounds weird that Tory(A popstar in 2020) will shoot someone, Tory almost went to jail and was brutally criticized by people for being nothing but a thug who goes after women. Tory used this album to tell his part of the story of what went down at Kylie’s house.

DAYSTAR hardly left anything out about his relationship with Megan thee Stallion as he went on throughout the album to remind us their good times in the past and how he hurts that its all ended. Well, depending on whose telling the truth, Tory tried to win a little bit of sympathy and self-pity. Not taking too much time, Tory came to his defense very early in the album by asking “How the does she (Megan) get shot in the foot but does not get hit on her bones or tendons”? Those who study the foot can have a say on that but this album may just spur another uproar from Megan’s camp.  He also went on to insult some artist who were calling for his incarceration. On top of that list was Chance the Rapper. Tory tagged him as very irrelevant and should not be given attention.


Following a series of social media posts (some have since been deleted) a timeline can be observed from a hangout at Kylie’s house to Megan ending up at the hospital and eventually naming Daystar (Tory) as the person who shot at her. Although injuries sustained on both feet have long since healed before the ‘WAP’ video with Cardi B, Tory raps and sings from the perspective of a supposed lover who got betrayed and almost sent to prison because his supposed girlfriend accused him of shooting her. In the song titled: “A woman”, he sings about his heart being cold because of the betrayal he just experienced from someone he really love and trusted. The song which is sang with a lot of emotion has Tory singing then later rapping about the lady listening to people who do not want them to be together.  

“Bitter Sweet” is a song which he uses to detail out how he feels about the music industry that he works in. He uses the album to lash out at Megan and other artist who criticized him and wanted him to go to prison. Lashing out at one artist who removed the songs his featured him in; he tells him to remove him from his important album and not the ones people do not listen to on spotify. He lashes out at Jay-z’s rock nation music label and lamented that he was really disappointed by how they managed the Megan shooting story. He lamented that Megan chose to listen to people instead of listening to him who has been her friend for six years.

“Care For You” is a song that Tory uses talk about his dysfunctional emotions and why he behaves the way he does. He does not personalize the problem but generalizes it as a problem faced by all African-American children. Furthermore he talks about the European-Americans who are usually the owners of big cooperation in America always looking for ways to exploit the black culture and setting Africans against Africans.

Going against the industry and people who wanted him locked up in jail, he makes a song titled: “Money over Fallouts”. According to him people wanted to bring him down and his friend also supported them. But he declares that he will keep his cool because while he was facing the problem-he was making money from his records on spotify.

In one of the most slow sweet rap song, he gives steady modern Afrocentric Rap, he raps using the position of a betrayed August. Using the song to relate to himself to what Jada(Will Smith’s wife) did to August that had him emotionally broken, Tory sings and raps as a man who was betrayed by someone he really loved. Using the song to lash out at his very close friends, he tells them that he felt betrayed by them.

Although he renders a public apology to Megan in “Sorry Meg”, he used the other tracks to diss, and lament and telling his side of the story that almost ruined his carrier. He finishes off the album in the song titled “The Most High”. He thanked God for helping him beat the devil who thought he won him. He sing praises to the most high and declares his loyalty to only Jesus. According to him, during his ordeal, the illuminati came for him but he claimed to have declined their offer.

Tory Lanez Daystar album review

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