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Wiz Khalifa is a music artist who has never before or after he made it in the music industry hidden his love for narcotics. He released a new album titled “the saga of Wiz Khalifa” and weed (aka Indian hem) was the theme. The album is what you call your regular hiphop album which is not a flop. You can jam to it five years from now and feel the flow. All the beats and rhymes was creative and nice to vibe to. However there is one song that stands out and it is the song which features the young Sinatra himself: Logic. Wiz Khalifa High Today stands out among the other songs in this album because of the soul element in it. This song is good for smoking and getting high. And for people who don’t smoke, it is good for meditation and quite times. Never drive with this song because it can make anybody sleep. It is a total chill pill and will relax your nerves. This song has a chorus which will make anybody think it is a song for smokers. But the truth is that this song is about flash back into life. Flash back to one’s decision and essence of life. A song that tells Khalifa’s stories of hustle but masked in weed tales


The song discusses that feeling one gets after getting high on Indian hem. For those who smoke, they can relate with that feeling of freedom and rare wisdom which the herb gives. In the hook which is sang by Logic, he takes the personality of a chain smoker who has been smoking for hours. Logic uses his lyrics to paint a picture of a man dressing up weed in a paper, ready to smoke another rap. He talks about breaking the lumps of weed and rolling it up for a smoke while lost in his thoughts. In his words, he says that he is high and does not need to be in jet or have a job to fly. He says that he is already high.

In the chorus and the first verse which Khalifa spits in bars, he talks about what his life has always been about. He states that he started up his life slow but was driven by the power to succeed. Wiz states that no matter the cost of success, that he was ready to take it; because staying on top of the game has always been his plan even though he started up small. He outlines that living large and traveling the world was on his mind and that was his only goal. Acknowledging that he did some things he is not proud of, he declares that he cannot change them but embrace them. He points out that he has been trying to live his life in the realest ways he can because life is just once. Wiz Khalifa declares that he will choose being successful in life over being famous. He claimed this when he said that he will not trade an hour of success to being famous. Finishing up his verse he states that people change a lot with time but he is not ready to change who he is for any reason.

The second verse which is performed by Logic has him give his own autobiographical lyrics. He talks about working hard from dawn to dusk. In his words while trying to create a better life, he has always felt people around him and the world trying to pull him down. But finishes off by stating that his therapist has always had his back telling him that the world does not matter.


A trap beat with a lot of soul influence is what the beat of “High today” is. Opening with a vocal of Logic singing in soulful voice with a play of Acoustic and electronic guitars gives it this attention catching intro. The percussion is kept basic to allow for easy flow of steady rhymes from Wiz Khalfa. This song sounds like a piece that a boy with a Guitar could play from his closet with very limited instrument. Classic songs do not need many instrument but good lyrical strength.


Anything Wiz wants to do with this video is cool. However some good scenes of smoking while playing guitar or listening to a radio will do well.

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